Plot Finchen's leaf pile


Picture Segment Description
Scene Finchen is reorganizing her leaf pile. Pepe comes by and says how wonderful he thinks the leaf pile looks. Finchen tells him that she could use a bigger pile, but leaves are hard to come by when it's not autumn. Pepe decides to help look for more fallen leaves, but he can't find any. Finchen suggests that Pepe could summon more leaves for the pile. Pepe likes the idea and casts the spell and suddenly Finchen finds herself on the top of a mountain of leaves.
Scene Finchen thinks the pile is a bit too big for her, so Pepe agrees to try to conjure a smaller one. The mountain leaf pile disappears, and is replaced with a very small leaf pile. Finchen doesn't like her new small leaf pile and she would really like her old pile back. Pepe starts to think about a new spell to solve the problem.
Scene Pepe starts to cast a new spell and manages to conjure the leaf pile back to its old self. Finchen thanks Pepe and they begin to sing a song about leaves.

Known Segments

  • Ernie has two bags of cookies, one of which has several cookies, and one that only has one cookie. Ernie asks Cookie Monster which one he'd rather have, and Cookie Monster naturally chooses the bag with many cookies. However, Cookie is disappointed that his cookies are very small, while Ernie's one cookie is very big, so Ernie breaks his cookie into several small pieces.
  • The Amazing Mumford has a new trick, where he will make Thumbelina big and The Big Bad Wolf small. He makes Thumbelina big, but doesn't make the wolf smaller -- instead, Kermit is the one who shrinks.

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