Plot Home sweet home


Picture Segment Description
Scene Finchen are feeling happy today. She tells Samson, that the leaf pile are her favorite place in the whole world and that she could not imagine to live anywhere else. Samson suggest that she can be happy in other places as well, in his cave for instance. Finchen decides to try it out.
Scene Finchen thinks Samson's cave are nice, but it does not make her happy. Samson can't understand why, but she misses her leafs and can't see the beautiful blue sky. Finchen would like to try another place. Just then Rumpel comes by and Finchen asks him were he feels at home. Rumpel say that it would have to be his barrel. Finchen decides to try Rumpel's barrel.
Scene Rumpel are not happy about it at all. he says that right now he does not feel well since Finchen are inside his barrel. Finchen decides to look around in the barrel to see if it makes her feel at home.
Scene Finchen concludes that Rumpel's barrel don't feel right either. But she knows were she feels better in her leaf pile. Samson starts to sing about how much he likes his cave, Finchen joins in about her leaf pile and the same does Rumpel about his barrel.

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Folge 2207 Folge 2212