Plot Samson's hiccups


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Scene As Wolle and Pferd strolls down Sesamstrasse the ground starts to shake. It turns out that it's caused by Samson jumping due to his hiccups. Samson don't know what to do to get rid of it, Wolle suggest that he shakes his head, but that did not help. Wolle then suggest that Samson wishes it away.
Scene Samson repeats "dear hiccups I wish you go away", Wolle and Pferd certain that it's gonna work, but it turns out that it did not.
Scene Wolle and Pferd get a new idea, if Samson jumps around the hiccups will surely go away. Samson starts to sing about having hiccups while making a few jumps. It turns out that the song and jumping helped, but shortly after the hiccups returns. Pferd conclude that hiccups are very horrible, that gives Wolle an idea, they should try to scare the hiccups away.
Scene Wolle and Pferd decides to sneak up on the hiccups so they can scare it. Wolle goes over to Samson like nothing are gonna happened and then starts to jump around to scare the hiccups, Pferd follows shortly after. After they finished Samson asks them if they were dancing. Wolle says that they tried to scare him, and Samson laughs and says he thought they looked so funny. Then Samson notice that the hiccups are gone and he thanks them for helping. Then Wolle gets the hiccups, and just as Pferd and Samson have given up on the hiccups Wolle burst out in laughs and says I fooled you.

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