Plot The apple cake
Air date June 13, 2004


Picture Segment Description
Scene As Pferd comes walking down the street, he can smell a new baked apple cake at Ella's. As he are about to eat the cake Ella quickly stops him, and tells him that she and Finchen have baked the cake for the visitor Ella is expecting later and that Pferd can get a piece of the cake then. Pferd is not sure that he can wait for that. Ella suggest that they play the alphabet game while they wait. Ella shows Finchen and Pferd a card with a letter on and they have to come up with a word that start with that letter and every letter Pferd sees reminds him of something you can eat.
Scene Ella shows Pferd the letter "K" and Pferd quickly says Kuchen (cake), and shortly after he changes it to apple cake and starts to look at the cake. Ella quickly says that they need to come up with a different game.
Scene Ella and Finchen suggest that Pferd should pretend to a different animal and that they are gonna guess what animal he is. Pferd starts to make various animal sounds and Ella and Finchen takes turns guessing.
Scene Ella thinks Pferd is very good to pretend to be other animals. The last animal he pretends to be are a pig and he asks them what a horse and pig has in common, they both like to cake.
Scene Finchen suggest that they should sing a song. Pferd and Finchen starts to sing a song about what they like to do. While they sing the phone rings and Ella goes to answer it. After the song she returns and thanks them for the song and then tells them that her visitor has cancelled the event so they can eat the cake now and she will bake another one tomorrow.

Known segments

  • Ernie helps Cookie Monster in making apple-walnut-raisin cookies, but every time Ernie hands the monster each ingredient, Cookie Monster instantly devours it.
  • Forgetful Jones is about to eat a sandwich Clementine made for him, when he observes a cowboy who looks just like him in the mirror. He invites the other cowboy to lunch. He goes into the kitchen to tell Clementine to make another sandwich for a special cowboy. She is surprised to find that he was talking about his new friend, until she explains that it's just his reflection. Disheartened, Forgetful wonders who will eat the second sandwich, and Clementine reminds him of someone within earshot. Forgetful then opens the door to let Buster eat the sandwich and asks Clementine if she'd like to join them.
  • A dinosaur slowly learns how to pick a apple from a tree
  • The Plonsters outwit one another while picking fruit.
  • Herry Monster tells Grover a secret, which is the alphabet. Grover, however, tells his friends, and Herry acknowledges that while Grover is good at reciting the alphabet, he's lousy at keeping a secret.

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