Plot How does a seesaw work
Air date July 4, 2004


Picture Segment Description
Scene Pferd has found two tree trunks that form a seesaw, he is excited because a seesaw is a fun thing to play with. He decides to try it out and sits on it, but after going down the seesaw won't go up. Wolle comes by and Pferd tells him about the broken seesaw. Wolle are sure they can repair it.
Scene Wolle takes a closer look, in one end sits Pferd and in the other no-one, Wolle concludes that he has detected the problem to use a seesaw there must be two persons. Wolle tells Pferd that he are in luck, with Wolle they are two and that he would love to join Pferd on the seesaw.
Scene They get on the seesaw, and Wolle's end quickly raises up. Pferd can't understand why Wolle can't get down, Wolle tells him that he is too heavy. But Pferd refuses and says that it's Wolle that is too light.

Samson comes out of his cave and asks what they are doing, Wolle tells him about the seesaw and their weight problem. Samson solves it by pushing Wolles side down. Samson then gets another idea, he will sit on Wolle's side making that side heavier. Wolle and Pferd thinks it's a good idea.

Scene Samson asks Pferd if he is ready and then sits down on the seesaw with Wolle and then catapulting Pferd away.
Scene Samson and Wolle find Pferd in a nearby apple tree. Pferd are happy to be so close to those delicious apples. He concludes that a seesaw is a wonderful apple flying machine.
Scene They try to figure out what went wrong. Then they realize that Samson should sit on one side while Pferd and Wolle sit together on the other and the seesaw works.

Known segments

  • Ernie has put a cookie on a lever, half of which is in a glass cage, diagonally, and wants to see if Cookie Monster can figure out how to get the cookie. Ernie will reward Cookie Monster with a box of cookies under two conditions - by not destroying the display and without his help.
  • The Two-Headed Monster brings in a suitcase filled with heavy and light objects, and places them on a wall. The right half lays out a feather, a ribbon, and a tissue. The left half puts down a book, a brick, a rock, and a 1000 pound weight, but the more weight that is placed on the wall causes the ground they're standing on to tilt!
  • Grover demonstrates open and closed by getting the curtain at the theater to open and close.
  • Elmo sings "The Sound That's in the Air."

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