Plot Dreams
Air date August 15, 2004

Picture Segment Description
Scene Finchen and Ella talks about dreaming. Ella has a dreamcatcher and she explains to Finchen how it works. Ella tells Finchen that she have not slept that well the last few nights, and therefor are very tired, she falls a sleep while they are talking.
Muppets Bert portrays Prince Charming, who wakes up Sleeping Beauty, but then puts her to sleep again when he starts talking to her about his paper clips.
Cartoon Suzie Kabloozie sings "Every Kitty Sleeps."
Scene Just as Finchen has decided to leave, a man appears, he turns out to be Möbius, the dream of "The Garden Roses".
Cartoon Traffic safety tips from "Trafi Katz"
Muppets Wolle and Pferd are naming Wolle's new spaceship the "Star Sheep 2". Wolle have hung a bottle of lemonade on the side of the ship that Pferd has to sling to the ship in order to name it properly. However when the bottle hits it, the spaceship falls over.
Film A girl pretends she's an astronaut.
Scene Möbius discovers that his cloths, don't match with the fact that he is the dram of "The Garden Roses", and he can't remember were he is supposed to go. He comes to the conclusion that he must have collided with another dream as they passed through the dreamcatcher. However this fact have made Möbius uncertain what dream he is supposed to be.
Muppets Telly sleeps over at Elmo's house, but finds he can't get to sleep. Elmo tells him a bedtime story, about a sleepless monster who gets to sleep by saying "good night" to every part of his body, but it only makes Telly laugh. Elmo then suggests counting sheep, and summons the sheep he keeps in his closet, who jump over the bed and sing a lullaby!
Film A montage with some Sloth.
Scene Rumpel comes by the window talking about a wonderful dream he had, Finchen and Möbious realizes that it must have been the dream he had collided with earlier. So Möbious must be the dream of "The Garden Roses".
Muppets Athena is practicing her singing, so she awake her grandfather Hoots. First he attempts to make her sign silently, however that did not prevent her from jumping around and interrupting him in his sleep that way. He then tells her that great singers have to sleep, and without sleep you can't sing.
(EKA: Folge 2097)
Scene Möbius burst out in a song, to find out where he was going. After the song Finchen puts two and two together. Möbius must be someones dream on Sesamstrasse, he is the dream of "The Garden Roses" and Ella is sleeping and he loves roses so he must be her dream. Möbius suddenly remembers and then he vanishes. Shortly after Ella wakes and tells Finchen that she had a wonderful dream of roses in a garden. Finchen tells her he knows and that he had talked to her dream earlier.

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