Plot Pepe is scared
Air date November 28, 2004


Picture Segment Description
Scene Pepe is carrying things out of his house so he can do some cleaning, when he is scared by Samson and Finchen saying hello to him. Then he is scared by the featherduster he holds in his hand. He decides to cast a anti-scaring spell so that nothing can scare him. After the spell has been cast, Finchen asks him if he feels braver, but he doesn't really know. Shortly after, he is scared by the butterflies he can feel in his stomach, and is scared when Samson touches his shoulder. He decides to go inside, but as he is about to go into the house, the door closes in front of him and Pepe jumps up in shock.
Scene Nils comes by and asks what's wrong. Finchen and Samson tell him that Pepe is acting weird, and then Pepe gets scared when he notices Nils. They then realize that the spell has failed; instead of an anti-scare spell, he ended up casting a scare spell! But when Samson is about to hand Pepe his spell book so he can reverse the spell, Pepe says he can't cast any spells because he is too scared of the book.
Scene Finchen suggests that Pepe take a deep breath, but it doesn't help. Samson suggests a big hug, but that doesn't help either. Nils suggests that maybe a song could help, so they sing a song. But after the song, Pepe is still scared.
Scene Nils tries to get Pepe over to the spell book. Over at the book, Finchen demonstrates that there's nothing to be scared of by sitting on it. But Pepe is still scared, so Samson suggests that Pepe can hide behind him. Meanwhile, Nils suggests that Pepe should whistle, and at last Pepe has calmed down a bit. He starts to move towards the book, and then he casts the spell. Afterwards, Pepe is no longer feeling scared and closes the book with a big bang that scares Samson, Finchen and Nils.

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