Plot Rumpel's cough medicine
Air date January 23, 2005


Picture Segment Description
Scene Ella and Samson hear a strange sound and they discover that it's Rumpel who is coughing. Ella helps Rumpel to search his Grouch medicine book for a remedy to help the cough. She concludes that he suffers from a tin-cough and she starts to read how to cure it. First all tin cans must be removed from the patient and then a horrible mixture has to be made. Ella asks Samson to help mixing the medicine and tells Rumpel that they will be right back with his medicine.
Scene Ella and Samson have started working on the horrible mixture that contains a herring covered in jam, old shoelaces and a grated shoe sole. Samson and Ella quickly agree that it stinks horribly.
Scene Rumpel comforts Gustav and ensures him that the medicine is gonna work. Just then Ella and Samson returns with the medicine. Rumpel gets a spoonful of the medicine and he likes it very much it's delicious horrible. Ella then tells him that the next step in the treatment are that he have to cover himself in newspapers and drink a cold tea with banana peels and rotten bread. Rumpel is excited and looks forward to it and quickly starts to find the newspapers. Ella and Samson leave to make the tea. Rumpel concludes that it's not so bad to be sick.

Scene Rumpel is sitting in a chair wrapped in newspapers and drinks his tea. He tells Gustav that he is not really feeling sick anymore. But he has discovered that there are a few advantages with being sick so he plans to act sick for a few more days. He tells Gustav not to tell anyone. Just then Ella and Samson return and think he looks better, but Rumpel tells them that he is still not feeling well and starts to fake his cough. He asks for some more of the horrible medicine. Samson can't understand that the treatment did not work, since they did everything the book told them to do. Ella gets suspicious. She thinks they need a different treatment, her grandmother's old advice, hot milk with plenty of honey. Rumpel is in shock how anyone could drink something as awful and suddenly feels a lot better. Ella remarks that it's the first time that hot milk and honey worked that fast.

Known segments

  • Film: An Alaskan doctor gives the residents a check-up.
  • Animation: The Plonsters make a hospital to cure their sick friend.
  • The Count sings about what he does when there's "Nothing to Count" - he imagines counting birdies and elephants. (EKA: Folge 1655)

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