Plot The scary wolf mailman
Air date June 5, 2005


Picture Segment Description
Scene Nils are setting up some oranges in front of the shop, while he talks with Rumpel, when a mailman asks him he would take a letter for his neighbor. When Nils turns around he notice that the mailman is a wolf and he runs away screaming wolf, and Rumpel hides in his barrel. Tiffy then comes by and as soon as the mail man is about to ask her about the letter she runs away as well, he can't relly understand why they run away, after all he is just the mail man. Rumpel tells him that people are afraid of wolves.
Muppets Bert are feeding pigeons in the park while talking to them, when Elmo comes by and scares them away. Bert attempts to calm Elmo down. Elmo then yells to the pigeons that theres food and to Berts surprise they return. Elmo is so proud that he got the pigeons back, so he yells again, and scare the pigeons away again.
Cartoon A chicken lays a letter egg.
Scene Rumpel admires the wolf, when people are scared for him they can't bother him. However the wolf don't want the people to be scared of him, he is the mail man. He then asks if Rumpel would take the letter for Ella, Rumpel starts laughing, he is a Grouch. The wolf wonders why people don't run away from Rumpel.
Muppets A group of Anything Muppets sing a song about fear.
Cartoon A girl bring her pet iguana to school for show and tell.
Scene Hiding behind some oranges, Nils and Tiffy are observing the wolf and Rumpel. Rumpel yells to them that the mailman only want to deliver a letter, the wolf goes over to them to were he introduces him self as Wolfram Wolf, they attempt to hide gain. Rumpel are enjoying himself, it must be great to have people running away. Wolfram then proceeds to talk about himself, after Wolfram's speech Nils and Tiffy are not nearly afraid of him anymore. Nils have gotten an idea about how Wolfram can introduce himself to the people on Sesamstrasse, they are going to have a street party and Wolfram is gonna be the guest of honor.
Film Some kids are observing a wolf family.
Muppets The Three Little Pigs are at a police lineup, to identify the The Big Bad Wolf.
Film The kids continue to observe the wolves.
Scene Wolfram practice a speech for the party, Rumpel suggests that he howl and show some of his teeth.
Film Kids talk about mail.
Muppets Elmo are playing mailman with Merry Monster and they are delivering a letter to Oscar, but before Oscar can get the letter Elmo has to go through all kinds of weather.
Scene Wolfram sings a song about being a mailman.

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