Plot Rapunzel
Air date August 14, 2005


Picture Segment Description
Scene Wolle and Pferd are reading the fairytale "Rapunzel". Pferd asks Wolle if he is willing to climb Pferd's hair to visit him in a tower, and Wolle thinks it could be fun to try out. Pferd also suggests that the prince could bring Rapunzel a delicious carrot. Wolle finds a carrot on the ground and agrees to do it, but Pferd is so happy to see the carrot that he attempts to eat it right away. Wolle stops him and says that they have to follow the fairytale. Wolle sends Pferd up on the top of Samson's cave.
Scene Prince Wolle asks Rapunzel to let down her hair so that he can climb up with a carrot for her. However, Rapunzel doesn't have much hair to throw down and Wolle realizes that they have forgotten something important.
Scene Wolle suggests that Pferd could wear a wig so he can get long hair. However, Pferd doesn't know where to get a wig. Wolle tells him to go and ask Ella while he waits at the mountain. Wolle thinks that the mountain looks a bit high but is sure that he will be able to go up there once Rapunzel arrives with her long hair. Then Pferd yells from the mountain top that he is ready again and that climbing so high has made him really hungry. Wolle then starts by asking for Rapunzel's hair and the entire wig falls on him.
Scene Pferd is sure that he did what he was supposed to do, after all Wolle said "Rapunzel, let down your hair". Wolle tells him that if he dropped all the hair down he can't climb it, then Pferd realizes the mistake. Wolle tells him to go up again and this time only to let down some of the hair.
Scene Pferd is ready again, and Wolle asks for the hair again. This time Pferd does the right thing and Wolle starts to climb. However, just before Wolle reaches the top he pulls Pferd down from the mountain. Wolle doesn't know how to give Pferd the carrot now. But Pferd tells him that it worked, they are together and he has the carrot.

Known segments

  • Fairy Tales Today: Prairie Dawn goes to the park where a large braid of hair is all over the place, causing various people to trip on it. Rapunzel gets her hair stuck and can't break free, until a bystander brings up the idea of a haircut.
  • When Grover comes to Kermit's home dressed in salesman attire, Kermit quickly tells Grover that he doesn't want anything, since Grover always tries to sell him things that he has no use for. However, Grover tells Kermit that he has come to give him a hairpiece. After putting it on Kermit's head, Kermit decides that it doesn't look very good. Grover agrees, and offers to sell him a comb, a hair brush, some shampoo, and hair tonic.
  • "Long Time, No See"

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