Plot Wolle misses his best friend
Air date September 4, 2005


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Scene Pferd are going to his aunt Ingrid's birthday, luckely she leaves just around the corner, but Wolle misses his best friend already. But before he goes Wolle makes sure that Pferd have all he needs with him such as the gift for aunt Ingrid, a umbrella, 25 carrots, 30 apples and a picture of the two of them. Pferd gives Wolle a picture of him, Wolle are very happy to get such a nice going away gift and Pferd goes around the corner. Wolle comfort himself with that aunt Ingrid lives close by so Pferd will return soon and that he got other friends, so he goes over to Nils and Samson.
Scene Samson are playing hopscotch with a boulder and he invites Wolle to join him. Nils notice the photo of Pferd and Wolle tells them that Pferd have gone so see his Aunt Ingrid and that he misses him.
Scene As Samson jumps the entire street shakes and Wolle notice a apple that Nils dropped on the ground. The apple remind him about Pferd and how much he misses him. Nils and Samson decides that they should try to cheer Wolle up. Nils hurries over to Wolle and says it's his turn in the hopscotch game. Wolle throws the rock and starts to jump and lands among the carrots at Nils' store. The carrots reminds him of Pferd.
Scene Nils and Samson suggest a new game, they will pretnd to be someone from Sesamstrasse and Wolle will have to guess who. Nils go first trying to do a impression of Samson but Wolle's guess are that Nils pretends to be Pferd.
Scene Samson then does a impression of Nils, but once again Wolle guess are on Pferd. Just then Pferd returns from his Aunt Ingrid's birthday and Wolle are happy to see him. As they walk away together Wolle tells Pferd about this new game he has learn. He explains to Pferd that he are going to be Pferd and Pferd are going to guess where he is at. Pferd thinks the game sounds interesting.

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