Plot Bakery
Air date October 30, 2005


Picture Segment Description
Scene Pferd asks Nils if he could get some bread, Nils tells him that there are no bread. Pferd then asks for a bread roll, Nils tells him that the store are for fruit and vegtables only. Pferd then asks for delicious cake and Nils once again repeats that his store only have fruit and vegtables. Pferd asks Nils to open a bakery so that he can come and buy some bread. Nils asks Pferd if he were to change the shop into a bakery then how could Pferd get his carrots. Pferd sees the problem and then gets the idea to open up his own bakery and Nils likes the idea. Pferd hurries away and starts building something.
Scene Pferd returns with a wagon and a huge cutout of himself. He asks Nils if he wants to buy a delicious bread from him, but when Nils open the wagon to see the bread he can't see any. Pferd realizes that he has to bake bread, but how to do it ? But before Nils can tell him what to do Pferd has left and gone over to Rumpel.
Scene Pferd tells Rumpel that he has decides to become a baker. Rumpel asks if Pferd knows how to bake a Grouch bread, Pferd the admits that he don't and that he actually don't know how to bake regular bread. He asks Rumpel to teach him to bake Grouch bread.
Scene Rumpel sings the intructions for baking a Grouch bread for Pferd. When Pferd are about to put in the final ingredient, the gummi bears, Pferd almost ruined the bread by putting in the red gummi bears it has to be the green gummi bears. Then the dough are ready to be baked.
Scene The bread are in the oven and Nils comes by. Pferd tells him that they are making a Grouch bread and just then the bread are done. Rumpel are happy about the result, but Nils don't think it looks so good. Nils has bought a regular bread, Pferd thinks both breads looks good and asks Nils what in his bread and Nils begins to list various ingredients. Pferd would like to eat a little of each bread, but as he are about to eat one of them he asks Nils and Rumpel if they want anything. Nils and Rumpel quickly points out which bread they don't want anything of.

Known segments

  • In the kitchen, Cookie Monster plays a game of "Three of These Things" with Ernie.
  • Cooking with Telly
  • A turtle is sad because she can not go to the King's Birthday.

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