Plot The blackout
Air date January 15, 2005
Season 33


Picture Segment Description
Scene It's evening on Sesamstrasse and everyone are busy, Feli Filu is working on her laptop, Finchen is reading a book, Ella is using her sewing machine and Rumpel and Mehmet are working on some kind of machine. Then all of a sudden the power cuts out, and they all stop doing what they were doing and start fumbling around in the dark. Feli finds a flashlight, so they can get some light and see were they are going. Mehmet and Finchen go out to check the fuses.
Muppets Ernie notices that none of the lampposts are on, and the lights won't turn on. Bert says that there is a blackout, but has to repeat himself when Ernie suggests they watch TV, play a record and listen to the radio. Ernie decides to call someone to see if anybody else knows about it. He calls Oscar the Grouch, who grouchily asks who's calling and threatens to "see to it that you don't sleep for a week." Ernie says "It's Bert" and hangs up.
Scene Mehmet and Finchen have found the fuse box, but all the fuses are intact, so Mehmet concludes that it is a blackout. Feli suggest that they build a windmill and get the power back that way, however Mehmet points out that the don't have the materials for that. Ella suggest that they just relax in a cosy atmosphere of candle lights.
Film A sunset
Muppets Telly sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with the help of a golden star.
Animation A clay animation story about two candles, that becomes angry at each other.
Scene The gang are sitting together among many candles, when Rumpel comes over and starts to blow out the candles, after all a blackout ain't a blackout if theres candles everywhere.
Cartoon A girl overcomes her fear of scary things in the dark by singing with them.
Artist: Lisa Crafts
Muppets Kermit tries to explain light and dark. Grover comes to help, but it's so dark that he crashes into everything.
Cartoon A little girl leaves everything on in the house, until the TV set recites a poem about sharing electricity.
Scene Mehmet starts making shadow figures in the candle light.S
Film A close-up of a flashlight
Muppets Forgetful Jones, Clementine and Buster are in the dark because Forgetful forgot to turn something on. It's not the water, the electric fan, or the radio ... it's the light!
(EKA: Folge 1571)
Cartoon Wilbur and Wanda try to find the lamp in a dark room, while figuring out who's here and there. Finally, their son turns on the light.
Artist: ArtistMike
Scene Finchen starts to sing a song about how cosy it is sitting amongst friends in the candlelight. After Rumpel trips over a log, he concludes that maybe a little light could be useful, Ella invites him to join them and Rumpel accepts but he blows out one candle to make it a little more Grouchy. Then the power returns to Sesamstrasse, everyone is upset including Rumpel. Ella looks at Mehmet and winks at him, he quickly says that he knows what she means and leaves. Mehmet goes to the fuse box and disconnect the power to Sesamstrasse. Everyone is happy as the power once again disappear.

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