Plot Robin Hood report
Air date February 19, 2006
Season 33

Picture Segment Description

Scene A new tree is being planted in Sesamstrasse by the ranger, he tells Samson that it's the same kind of tree that is in Sherwood forest, but Samson, Wolle and Pferd do not know what Sherwood forest are so he starts to tell them about it and about Robin Hood. Pferd is sure that this Robin Hood guy had a clever horse.
Reporter Wolle reports live from Sherwood forest, when Samson the rich merchant comes by, Wolle quickly proclaims that the merchant will have a problem since he has ventured into Sherwood forest where Robin Hood is located. Robin Hood comes riding on his horse, when he is knocked off by a branch, and has injured his foot. Wolle is not at all impressed about the hero of Sherwood forest, however the rich merchant Samson finds it all very funny.
Scene Robin Hood introduces himself to the merchant, but he keeps forgetting what he was going to say and gets cues from reporter Wolle. After the introduction Robin asks if there are any rich persons around, and Samson quickly starts to whistle and look the other way, Wolle points at Samson. Robin forgets what to do next so he asks his horse, but the horse won't say anything before he gets a carrot. Robin gives the horse a carrot and he tells Robin that he needs to attack the rich merchant. Robin goes over to Samson and takes his sack of gold.
Scene Pferd and Robin Hood gives the sack of gold to the poor reporter Wolle, who now realizes that he is rich. While Wolle is celebrating that he is rich, Samson comes over and says that he is poor now. Robin asks Pferd for advise and he says that they should attack the sheep now, and Samson agrees. Wolle realizes whats going on and quickly runs away with the sack of gold.

After being chased for a while Wolle gets an idea and stops the other three. Wolle tells them that he will hand over the sack of gold to the merchant, so that they won't chase him. But Samson doesn't want the sack, because then he will be attacked by Robin Hood.


Scene Wolle and Samson pushed the sack of gold back and forth between them, no-one of them wants the gold. Pferd asks Robin if he has any more carrots left, Robin tells him that he has one left so they have to share it. Pferd starts to think about the word share and then gets an idea. Pferd tells the others that they got to share the gold, Robin quickly agrees when they share the gold then none of them will be rich or poor. While Reporter Wolle are signing off, Pferd eats his microphone.
Back on Sesamstrasse Pferd says that so much fresh air makes one hungry. Luckily the ranger has an apple that he hands to Pferd. But Wolle stops Pferd from eating it, after all they have to share the apple.

Known segments

  • Elmo and Ernie sing "Share."
  • Cookie Monster wants Prairie Dawn's cookie and makes Cookie Monster imagine the potentials for his actions. Cookie Monster imagines various ways of trying to get the cookie. First, Cookie Monster imagines himself having a temper tantrum, realizing that'd hurt his fists. Then he tries to pounce on the cookies and then imagines himself stealing the cookie, and gets arrested by a police officer. Just when Cookie Monster eventually runs out of ideas, Prairie suggests that he asks her and he does, and gets half of the cookie.
  • The Count von Count withdraws all his money from the bank to count it.
  • Grover teaches the campers at Camp Wannagohoma about trees. (EKA: Folge 1660)

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