Plot What is a metronome

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Scene Annette are composing a new song, when Wolle comes by. Wolle notice a weird tick tack thing on the piano, and he tries to follow it with his head. Annette tells him that it's a metronome and that it helps her keep the tempo. Wolle are not sure he understand, so Annette demonstrate by setting the metronome to go fast and slow while she plays to it. Afterwards the metronome stops working. Wolle tells her not to worry since he can make tick tack noises.
Scene Wolle starts to repeat "tick tack" while Annette plays the piano.Slowly Wolle increases the speed of his "tick tacks" and Annette stops him. She asks him to do it slower, however this time he does it too slow. Annette asks him to do it a bit faster, Wolle then goes up and down in speed until Annette stops him again telling him that he needs to keep the tick tacks constant. Wolle then gets an idea.
Scene Wolle has gotten a alarm clock, he tells her that it says tick tack in a constant speed. Annette are willing to try it out, however as she starts playing she can't hear the alarm clock, so that don't work. Wolle then gets another idea.
Scene Wolle returns with a gong, as he plays it everything around them shakes. Annette tells him it's to loud and then stops as she hears a tick tack noise. It tuns out that the shaking from the gong have knocked down the metronome and that it have restarted. They then start to sing a song about different tempo's. Annette sings slowly while Wolle sings fast. After the song Wolle says "Play it again Annette".

Known segments

  • Grover conducts a piece of very emotional music. That is, the music that he conducts changes, and his mood changes with it. When he's had all he can take, he steps out of frame to stop that cassette tape that has been playing.
  • A farmer and town villagers sing about "Addition," which involves putting one fiddler on the roof after another. By the song's end, the roof (under which "Monsterpiece Theater" is filmed) collapses.
  • Hoots tells Ernie to "Put Down the Duckie."
  • Baby Bear thinks it's hard to sing the "Alphabet Blues."

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