Plot Little Red Riding Hood
Air date April 9, 2006


Picture Segment Description

Scene Nils has found a fariytale book from when he was little, and Wolle and Pferd ask him to read one of the stories. Wolle and Pferd quickly agree that they would like to hear the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and Pferd becomes so hungry just by thinking of the delicious cakes that Little Red Riding Hood has that he begins to eat the book, but Nils manages to stop him. They even invite Rumpel in to hear the fairytale, but he refuses and Wolle begins to imagine himself as Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood encounters a horse, who tells her that he is the stand-in for the Big Bad Wolf, who is on vacation. She runs away, afraid of being eaten by the horse. However the horse has no intention of having her for dinner, but finds the basket more interesting.

Scene Shortly afterwards, Little Red Riding Hood bumps into a hunter that thinks she is Snow White. The hunter has no clue about who Little Red Riding Hood is and what she is doing in the woods. She tells him that she is running away from the horse, and that the hunter will have to protect her from the horse. Just then the horse comes by and Little Red Riding Hood hides behind the hunter. The horse asks the hunter if he knows where Little Red Riding Hood is, and the hunter takes some time to think and then steps aside and reveals Little Red Riding Hood hiding behind him.
Scene The hunter can't understand what Little Red Riding Hood is scared of, because the horse looks quite friendly. She explains once again that the horse wants to eat her and her grandmother and the hunter realize that he is the one that is supposed to prevent it and position himself between her and the horse. The horse gets an idea and leaves.
Scene The hunter is unsure how he is supposed to protect Little Red Riding Hood, but then realizes that it's easy since the horse has left. Little Red Riding Hood gets scared as she is sure that the horse has gone to her grandmother's house to eat her.

Scene They arrive at Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's house and knock on the door, the door opens and Little Red Riding Hood notices something different about the grandmother: big ears and a big mouth. When Little Red Riding Hood asks about the big mouth, the grandmother replies that it so she can eat a lot. Little Red Riding Hood realizes that it's just the horse and that it must have eaten her grandmother. Just then Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother arrives, with a postcard she has gotten from the wolf, who is on vacation in The Bahamas. The grandmother then asks the horse why it has her clothes on, to which the horse replies that it was the only way he could keep Little Red Riding Hood from running away from him, and all he wanted was to be friends. Little Red Riding Hood then reveals that her basket contains some nice mud for her grandmother.

Back on Sesamstrasse Wolle thinks that the fairytale was a bit weird. Rumpel asks Nils if he has any more, and Pferd quickly says that he thinks fairy tales are delicious and begins to eat the book.

Known segments

  • Cookie Monster portrays Little Red Riding Hood. He brings cookies for his sick grandmother, but Kermit tells him that sick people should have healthy foods.
  • Ernie, Bert and Mona pretend that they are trees.
  • Cartoon: Is no one afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

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