Plot Wolle Amadeus Mozart
Air date May 5, 2006
Season 33

Picture Segment Description
Scene Wolle is pretending to conduct an orchestra that is playing "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", using a celery as a conducting baton. Feli Filu and Pferd come by and Pferd tries to eat the delicious celery that Wolle is holding. Wolle tells them that he is pretending to be the conductor. Then Samson and Helen arrive and ask what's going on, and Pferd tells them that Wolle is waving a celery and that he can't eat it because of that. Wolle tells Helen that the music is so wonderful, and Helen tells them that it's called "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" and was written by by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They start to wonder why he called it "Eine kleine Nachtmusik". Wolle is sure he knows why it's called "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" and starts to imagine himself as Mozart.
Wolle Amadeus Mozart presents his newest composition, but just as he is about to start the concert, one of the violinists tells him that he is using a celery as the baton. Wolle Amadeus Mozart replies that someone has eaten his conducting baton, and one of the violinists starts to look the other way.
Muppets Ernie plays Old King Cole and calls for his pipe and bowl. When he calls for his fiddlers three, they each appear one at a time allowing Ernie to practice his addition. The introduction by Sonia Manzano is cut.
Cartoon Footsteps cover the screen.
Scene As the concert is about to start, Wolle Amadeus Mozart is asked what the number is called. He says that it currently doesn't have a name but he is sure he will come up with a name eventually. Then one of the violinists asks how he is supposed to play his violin, because it seems he accidentally ate the violin bow.
Muppets The Mostly Monster Festival Choral Society presents "The Alphabet, Theme and Variations," by Mozart.
Cartoon A yellow boy creature visits a music store.
Muppets Prairie Dawn tries to play "Minuet in G major" with Elmo on the violin.
(EKA: Folge 2032)
Film Close-up of a xylophone
Scene The concert is about to continue. Samson loses his grip on the cello, and it falls with a bang. After Samson picks it up, Wolle Amadeus Mozart restarts the concert. This time Pferd has gotten a new violin bow, a rhubarb. However, it's a bit too long so he keeps poking Feli Filu. She tells him that she can't play because of that, so Pferd shortens it by eating a little of it. Once again Wolle Amadeus Mozart has to restart the concert. This time Helen tips over her musical notes. Wolle Amadeus Mozart decides that his next composition should be for brass instruments.
Film Kids learn how to play string instruments as computer graphics illustrate their sounds.
Muppets Simon Soundman tries to buy a trumpet from Marvin at Marvin's Music City.
(EKA: Folge 2088)
Scene The concert continues yet again. This time Feli's bow string is making Pferd sneeze so hard that he blows out the nearby candles.
Film Kid plays on a didgeridoo.
Muppets Herry Monster and a girl sing "A Song for Two".
Scene Violinist Helen lights the candles again. Feli says that it's good to have the lights back, and it was a little night (eine kleine nacht). This comment makes Wolle Amadeus Mozart think, and he decides that his new composition should be called "Eine kleine Nachtmusik".
Wolle is sure that Mozart played the song for the first time during the night and therefore called it "Eine kleine Nachtmusik". The others agree that Wolle's theory might be correct. Pferd then says that he would like to eat a little celery baton.

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