Plot Annette the Grouch
Air date 2006
Season 33


Picture Segment Description
Scene Rumpel is woken by a noise coming from Annette, who is looking for her key, and in the process of locating it she has thrown most of her things out on the street. As she starts to clean up the mess, Rumpel tells her that it's ok for her to make noise, but she is not allowed to clean up the mess. Annette tells Rumpel that she would like it to look nice in front of her house. Rumpel informs her that cleanliness is disgusting, but a mess is really beautiful, but Annette tells Rumpel that if she does not clean up she would not be able to find anything, and Rumpel says that that's the best thing about a mess. Rumpel starts to tell Annette about what being a Grouch is all about. Annette think it sounds interesting and would like to learn more about being a Grouch, and Rumpel is willing to be her teacher.
Muppets Ernie puts all his toys away and shows Bert how he remembers where Rubber Duckie is: he's under all his toys!
Animation A piece of paper is folded into a chick.
Scene The first lesson is to be unfriendly and angry. Annette tries to look angry and she takes her rag and hits Rumpel's barrel with it. However, she hurts her fingers doing it, then she gets really angry and kicks the barrel. Rumpel is impressed with her anger.
Film Kids talks about cleaning up after themselves.
Muppets Wolle and Pferd are playing Snow White. Wolle is the queen and Pferd is the magic mirror. The queen asks the mirror who is the most beautiful in the country. The mirror replies that he think Caro is looking quite good, Finchen also looks quite good too, Tiffy has some beautiful feathesr on her head, and not to mention Samson and his beautiful brown fur and Rumpel and his Grouchy eyebrows. While the mirror continues to mention people the queen leaves.
Song "Litter Rap"
Muppets Oscar reads "Snow Grouch and the Seven Dwarfs to Irvine.
Scene The second Grouch lesson is making a mess. Annette drops her rag on the ground and looks at Rumpel. He starts to laugh at her and shows her how to make a real Grouchy mess, while he sings a song about it.
Animation A boy shows a girl the front and back of his cat shirt.
Muppets Ronnie Trash sings about the importance of throwing litter in a can - "It's Yours and Mine."
Cartoon Suzie Kabloozie and her cat Feff pretend to be each other.

Artist: Mo Willems

Scene Annette thinks that they have made a nice Grouchy mess; however, Rumpel thinks something is missing. He finds a bucket of sand for Annette and a pot of paper balls for himself and they start to throw it around.
Film Kochen mit Tim: Tim and the kids buy various things in a Asian shop and back in the kitchen they make a rice dish.
Scene Rumpel tells Annette that she is now officially a Grouch, and while Annette starts to talk about how much fun it was to pretend to be a Grouch, Rumpel goes back in his barrel and closes the lid. Then Annette realizes who has clean up the mess in front of her house: her!

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