Plot Pferd and Wolle go camping
Air date 2006
Season 33


Picture Segment Description
Scene Pferd says good night to Wolle and leaves the barn. Wolle hurries after Pferd and asks him where he is going. Pferd tells Wolle that he has decided to spend the night in a tent. Wolle says he loves going camping, and that he wants to come with him. Pferd then stops at the barn, proclaiming they have arrived at the campsite. Wolle asks were the tent is, and Pferd realizes that he has forgotten it, so it's a good thing they have returned to the barn.
Muppets Ernie and Bert sings "Things That I Remember."
Film Kids talk about going camping.
Scene Pferd has found the tent and is trying to set it up with Wolle.
Animation Teddy bears demonstrate opposites.
Muppets A prince tries to wake Sleeping Beauty. First he yells, then uses a feather, an alarm clock and blowing a trumpet, but it doesn't work. Then he gets a new idea and tries to kiss her. She wakes up and he turns into a frog.
Film Nineteen bears in 19 chairs.
Scene They have finally gotten the tent up and are now laying in their sleeping bags. Wolle really enjoys himself; he can't imagine anything better than being out in the wild and enjoying the quietness. Meanwhile Pferd is eating his salad and carrots, and because of that, the quietness that Wolle likes is not present. Shortly afterwards, Pferd says he does not feel well, and it turns out that he misses bedtime stories. Wolle says he will fetch Pferd's favorite book so that he can feel better. After Wolle comes back with Pferd's book, Pferd is having trouble reading it without his favorite carrot lamp. Wolle goes to fetch the lamp.
Luxo Jr
Animation Luxo Jr.: Up and Down
Muppets Hoots the Owl sings "The Middle of the Night Whisper Song."
Cartoon Horseshoes fill the screen.
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster shares a pillow.
Cartoon A lion sings "Dance Myself to Sleep". (Artist: Sally Cruikshank)
Scene Wolle tries to move the lamp over to the tent, but it proves to be a bit difficult.
Film In Kochen mit Tim Tim and the kids visit a farm, where they collect eggs. Back in the kitchen, they use the eggs for an omelet.
Scene Wolle is pleased that he can finally go to sleep, since Pferd has everything he needs. But then Pferd starts to move around in the tent trying to get comfortable, and pushes Wolle so he can't go to sleep. Pferd says that he needs some hay to lie on, so Wolle fetches some hay for his best friend. Pferd thinks that it really starts to feel like they are home in the barn now. Wolle agrees and says that maybe they didn't need to put up the tent after all. Pferd then says that they could just go back home, take the tent down and put everything back.

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