Plot Picnic weather
Air date July 30, 2006
Season 34


Picture Segment Description
Scene Feli Filu, Finchen, Nils and Pepe has decided to have a picnic since the weather are so good. But then suddenly theres a cloud cover for the sun. Nils decide to turn on the radio to hear the weather forecast, but the radio don't work. Nils says that they need a barometric so they could see how the weather will be like. Finchen says that Pepe can just cast a spell to summon one, Pepe says that would be easy and casts a spell. However Pepe summons a oral thermometer instead.
Film Kids talks about what a picnic is.
(EKA: Folge 2300)
Scene Pepe tries once more, this time he gets turned into a frog. Finchen can't understand why Pepe was turned into a frog. Nils thinks that Pepe could be a weather frog and that you can put it on a ladder and it can predict the weather. Frog Pepe starts to sing a song about being a frog and predicting the weather by climbing a ladder and that the higher he climbs there will be good weather.
Muppets During a Weather Bulletin, Grover forecasts weather that changes as he speaks. Just as he suggests spending a day at the beach, it begins to rain. Snow follows, and the three patterns repeat until the wind blows him away.
Scene Nils finishes building a ladder, and weather frog Pepe starts to climb the ladder, the frog endsup climbing to the top. Nils, Feli and Finchen cheers by this since it means there will be sunshine and they begin to unpack the food for the picnic. Pepe wants to participate, but Nils says that the picninc are not for frogs, but that he could see if he could catch some flies. Pepe casts a new spell and turns back to his old self, but just as he are about to eat the cake it starts to rain.
Muppets Ernie conducts an experiment. He wants to see if Bert can sleep while Ernie sits at his drums and doesn't play them. Fortunately for him, Bert can't get to sleep that night, so Ernie drums away.
(EKA: Folge 2246)
Animation A claymation story about what stories various books in a book case contains.
Muppets kermit sings "The Frogs in the Glen."
(EKA: Folge 2270)
Film A girl imitates a frog and a frog are drawn on her face.
Muppets Elmo's World: Pets
Muppets Ernie claims that he are able to do a weather forecast, and proves it by saying that in the spring there will be rain, in the summer there will be sunny, in autumn there will be storm and in winter there will be snow.

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