Plot Meeting point
Air date December 3,2006
Season 34


Picture Segment Description
Scene Wolle has a playdate with Pferd, they are supposed to play hide'n'seek before dinner, but when Wolle gets to Rumpel's barrel Pferd are nowhere to be seen. Wolle decide to ask Rumpel if he knows where Pferd are, but Rumpel don't know and Wolle decides to go and look for him.

Pfers arrives at the barrel and can't see Wolle anywhere, so he decides to ask Rumpel. Rumpel tells Pferd that Wolle was there a minute ago and shows Pferd what direction Wolle went. Pferd decides to go and search for Wolle.

Film Kids talks about what they like to play with their friends and alone.
Scene Wolle returns to Rumpel's barrel, and once again asks Rumpel if he has seen Pferd. Rumpel are tired of all the questions but points Wolle in the direction that Pferd went to look for him. Wolle hurries away.
Muppets Ernie sings "Somebody Come and Play."

Scene Wolle has found clues that Pferd had been at Nils' shop as he finds a half eaten apple. Meanwhile at Rumpel's barrel Pferd asks Rumpel ifhe has senn Wolle. Once again Rumpel points Pferd in the direction Wolle went. Pferd then goes in the opposite direction, Rumpel manage to call him back and send him in the correct direction.

Wolle got an idea how to find Pferd, he has made a wanted poster of Pferd with a reward of 20 carrots and he puts it up on Rumpels barrel. Rumpel don't like the poster on his barrel, he tells Wolle that he has a better idea Wolle stays at the barrel and wait for Pferd to show up. Wolle likes the idea and decides to wait.

Animation Two pipe-cleaner parents dig up some of their old toys, including a teddy bear, which they fight over until they accidentally rip it in half. They repair it with some chewed-up gum, and then decide to give it to the baby.
Film The girl Kira takes her teddy bear to the hospital, due to a broken leg.
Scene Rumpel thinks it's very quite around his barrel and decides to take a look to see if Wolle have left. Unfortunely Wolle are still there waiting for Pferd and as soon he sees Rumpel he tells a bad sheep joke. Rumpel then gets a new and better idea, he will go and look for Pferd and Wolle stays at the barrel and wait for them to return. Wolle it's nice of Rumepl to help.
Muppets The Oinker Sisters sings "Where Can You Be, B?".

Scene Wolle decides to go and see if Rumpel have found Pferd and leaves the barrel. Shortly after Rumpel returns with Pferd and discover that Wolle are now missing. Pferd tells Rumpel that he has said that all along...that Wolle have gone missing. Rumepl are getting tired of it all and decides pack a bag so that he can go to his cousin Oscar. While Rumpel are packing Pferd notice the wanted poster. While Pferd are reading the poster Wolle bumps into him and they are happy to see each other. Rumpel are surprised to see that Wolle and Pferd have actually found each other. Wolle asks Rumpel if he wants to play hide'n'seek with them. Rumpel then tells them that they have played that all along. Wolle and Pferd realize that he are correct and Pferd conclude that they should then have dinner and eats the wanted poster.
Cartoon A dice rolls a guitar.
Cartoon Connie the Cow wants to play ball with her bat friend, but she needs the help from some glowworms since it to dark for her to see.
Muppets Bert can't understand why his trumpet ain't playing correct. Ernie knows why, and pulls out his small rubber ball.

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