Plot A mysterious can
Air date August 19, 2007
Season 34


Picture Segment Description
Scene Nils has given Rumpel a ugly shining new can. He has to do something about the can so it can go into his collection of wonderful old rusty cans. He dicedies that he will leave it out in the rain, since rain will make the can rust, but before that Rumpel gives the can a good bang with his hammer, after all it will also need a good dent. After Rumpel leaves Wolle, Samson and Pferd comes running by. Pferd stops and calls the others over, there seems to be a strange can. Wolle decides that it's a case for the great detective Wolle.
Muppets Elmo has made a drawing for Oscar. However, Oscar refuses to accept it, because a Grouch does not accept gifts. Elmo decides to throw it away; that way it's trash and Oscar would accept it.
This scene was originally the closing scene of episode 2727 in the U.S. version of "Sesame Street".
(EKA: Folge 2333)
Scene Detective Wolle instruct Pferd and Samson to look for clues to see if they can discover who the can belongs to. However Pferd and Samson can't find any clues, but to Wolle that is the answer for the case. If there are no clues then no-one has left the can, therefor the can has gotten here by itself. Pferd can't understand how a can could place it self there. Wolle says that the only explanation is that the can was dropped from the sky and the dent in the can came from the landing on Sesamstrasse.
Film "Why are there bubbles in soda", Mazze tries to answer the question in a series of experiments.

Scene Rumpel comes back, and Samson tells him about the strange can that fell from the sky. Rumpel tries to tell them about the can, but they don't listen. Detective Wolle says that the next step is to find out whats in the can. Detective Wolle are certain that the can contains a secret. They decide to look into the can so they can discover the secret, but the can are empty. Rumple tries again to tell them about the can, but they are to occupied with the can to listen. Detective Wolle declares that the secret in the can are invisible. Rumpel do not believe his own ears, he mange to get them to listen to him as he says he has a great plan. He are gonna take the can, and turn it over, and thereby emptying the can and then he can have the can back, and walks away.Detective Wolle thinks that was a good idea, because now they can investigate the invisible content without any interruptions. However Pferd begins to eat the invisible content, Detective Wolle then declares the case of the invisible content of the can for eaten.
Muppets Ernie is in a counting mood, and decides to count all of the cookies in a box of cookies. Cookie Monster overhears this and asks if he can have all of the cookies after they are counted, and Ernie agrees. But after opening the box, Ernie finds that there are 0 cookies. Ernie has another box, but it also has 0 cookies in it. Ernie then remembers that he put all of the cookies into a cookie jar, and starts to count, but Cookie Monster impatiently eats all of the cookies before Ernie can finish counting.
(EKA: Folge 1640)
Muppets Big Bird shows Snuffy a magic trick were he will make two elephants appear in his wooden box. However it did not work, he tires again this time with one elephant but that also don't work. Snuffy suggest that he tries again but this time with zero elephants.
(EKA: Folge 1655)
Film A high speed film of a circus being setup.
Cartoon Connie's grandmother gives her a riddle, she will have to go into the forrest and find a animal that are able to hide everywhere.
Muppets Bert wonders what the ships cargo are, Ernie says thats easy and when he is about to tell Bert what the cargo is the ships horn blows deafening them.

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