Folge 2398

Plot The Musicians of Bremen
Air date September 30, 2007
Season 34
Picture Segment Description
Cold Open In front of the Hamburg TV tower, Ernie tries to blow on his trumpet but no sound is coming out. Bert tells him to blow harder, and all of a sudden the trumpet makes a high pitched noise, startling Bert.
(First: Folge 2341)

Scene Mehmet is reading the story of the Musicians of Bremen. Everyone likes the story and they wonder what it would be like to be the Musicians of Bremen.
The Musicians of Sesam are hungry and try to see if they can find some food. The discover a house of robbers who has plenty of food. Finchen the rooster suggests that they scare them by standng on top of each other. Samson the dog climbs on Pferd the donkey, followed by Finchen the rooster and Wolle the cat.

They knock on the window and one of the robbers goes to open it. Samson tells the robber that they are the fearsome Musicians of Sesam. The robbers laugh at the musicians and then go back to their food.

Scene The musicians can't understand why it did not work, so they consult a book on the topic. Wolle the cat realizes what they did wrong: the biggest has to be on the bottom and the smallest on top. They reorganize themselves by size: first Samson, then Pferd, followed by Wolle and finally Finchen on the top.
They knock on the door and introduce themselves as the Musicians of Sesam then try to enter the door but they are too high so everyone except Samson falls down, and the robbers laugh at them again.
Scene Wolle once again looks in the book to see what they did wrong. They realize that they forgot to make the noises as the animals in the story did. They decide to try again.

They begin to make noise outside of the house and the robbers storm out to see what's going on. They get scared as they see the Musicians of Sesam and run away.

Scene They go into the house to eat, but to only discover that the robbers ate all the food.

Back on Sesamstrasse Samson thinks the original story was better, but Mehmet kind of likes the new version. Pferd asks Nils if he can have some of what he is eating, but Nils tells Pferd that he just ate it all. Pferd doesn't care since the plate looks delicious, and eats it.

Film Kids talk about the Musicians of Bremen.
Muppets For Bert's birthday, Ernie invites a singing and dancing elephant, a penguin band, and a group of Honkers and Dingers into the apartment. When Bert tells him he wants peace and quiet so he can read his book, Ernie leaves him alone -- after all, it's his birthday!
Muppets Reporter Wolle visits a construction yard to investigate what happens there.
Film A high-speed film showing a demolishing of a house.
Muppets The Three Little Grouches make a home for themselves, but it's too nice for them. So, a Big Bad Wolf repair man blows it in to suit their needs.
Cartoon Connie the Cow plays outside after the rain have left. She helps her froggy friend to a place where he won't disturb anyone with his song.
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