Plot Silent movies
Air date October 21, 2007
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold opening Bert tells Ernie that elephants notice everything around them. Ernie then asks the elephants if they have seen the umbrella he lost. Shortly after an umbrella is thrown to him by the elephants.
(First: Folge 2336)
SCENE The gang are watching a silent movie on the television and are talking about, how it's are missing the colors and that there used to be a pinaist in the theater playing music to it. They end up imagining how Sesamstrasse would look like in a silent movie.
SCENE, cont'd Samson and Feli Filu arrives at a tea party, they are greeted by the host, Mehmet. Samson then proceed to talk to the other guests.
SCENE, cont'd While Samson is away, Feli Filu removes his chair, and when he returns to sit down he ends up on the floor, with everybody laughing.
SCENE, cont'd Samson fetches a new chair and notice it's broken, so he switch it out with Mehmet's chair, so he ends up on the floor and everyone laughs again.

SCENE, cont'd While Mehmet is getting a new chair, Lena decides to throw Moni's cake at Feli Filu. She falls for the trick and hit Moni.

SCENE, cont'd Moni then attempts to throw a cake back but hits Samson instead. Samson then hits Wolle instead.
SCENE, cont'd When Mehmet returns, a cake fight has started, he tries to stop them he ends up getting a cake in his face, followed by 2 more cakes from Samson and the fight continues.

SCENE, cont'd The gang are laughing about the idea of a silent movie cake fight on Sesamstrasse and talks about how much fun it must be to tale part in such a silent movie. Lena then decides to throw her cake at Nils, leaving the gang laughing.
Film Devin and Jonathan, shows how they made animated short movie in school, using stop motion.
Muppets Ernie wants to demonstrate loud and quite. Ernie starts out yelling. Bert then says something quietly. However Ernie are having trouble hearing what he says and asks him a few times to repeat it. Bert ends up yelling "This is quiet", were Ernie tells him that was not quiet when he yells.
Animation A picture (bild) is being hung on a wall, followed by a man opening a umbrella (schirm) in the rain. And combining the two you get a monitor (bildschirm)
Muppets Wolle visits the set of the German mystery series 4 gegen Z were he talks with Fiona Coors about acting.
Animation A dice rolls a TV screen with a duck.
Muppets Prairie Dawn directs Grover in a movie production of "Singin' in the Rain", but it doesn't rain when it should.
(EKA: Folge 2072)
Animation Connie the Cow is looking for someone to play with, but all her friends are busy doing other things.

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