Plot Book switch
Air date October 28, 2007
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Bert wonder where the various cargo ships are heading. Ernie says that he knows and as he starts to tell the ships route but every time he says a location the ships horn blows, rendering his answer inaudible.

Scene Samson are sad, he has lost his favorite ball. Pepe tells him not to worry finding lost balls are his speciality and goes to fetch his spellbook. Samson are excited as Pepe starts to read the spell. But something are wrong, Finchen points out that it sounds more like a cooking recipe than a spell. Pepe then notice the books cover "The best cooking recipes" and starts to panic, where are his spell book. Samson suggest that he cast a spell to find it, but Pepe tells Samson that he would need his spell book for that. Finchen tell Pepe that they will try and help to find the book and the three of them starts the search.
Samson are they first to find something and calls out to the others. It turns out that he found his favorite ball. Finchen suggest that Pepe tries to remember where it was that he used the spell book recently. Pepe then remembers that it was at Ella's place and that the cooking book must be hers. He then realizes that it would mean that Ella has his spell book and that it could go horrible wrong. They decide to hurry over to Ella.
Scene In the meantime Ella picks up, what she believes to be her cookbook and start to read a recipe up loud and then suddenly everything around her explodes. She realizes that she are holding Pepe's spell book and quickly tries a new spell to clean up the mess she made. The spell result in cleaning the entire house leaving nothing left. She concludes that she will be needing Pepe's help, and starts to look for a spell to summon Pepe. She reads the spell, the spells wording include "Pepe fly to here like a bird".
Scene Finchen notice something on Pepe's back, it turns out to be a pair of red wings, they realize that Ella most be using the book and they start to run.
Scene Ella can't understand why the spell did not work and cast yet another spell. This time it start to snow and all of her furniture are outside of the house. Pepe, Finchen and Samson arrives and they switch the books. Samson thinks its cool that it snows in the middle of the summer. Pepe cast a spell to undo everything and Ella thanks him and offers to make them all a dinner.
Film Kids shows various magic tricks.
Muppets The question on the "Ernie & Bert Show" are "What do you have on the head, it grows and you cut it". Ernie's first answer is a cactus since it grows. He rethinks it and then concludes it have to be chives, it grows and you cut it. Bert tells him that's correct but you don't have chives on your head. Ernie then puts it on Bert's head, to prove him wrong.
Film A high speed film about a growing flower.
Muppets Mr. Johnson enters a framing shop to have a painting framed, only to find that Grover works there too. Grover assumes the painting is of his great-great-grandmother, but Mr. Johnson exclaims that it's his wife. After coming out from the back room with a circle and triangle frame, Grover finally frames it with a square, but destroys the original painting by splitting it over the bald man's head.
Cartoon Drawing a horse.
Muppets Ernie joins Cookie Monster in a game of "Three of These Things" with a hamburger, pizza, cookie, and a fajita. Ernie notes that three of them are round, and that one of them is a dessert. Cookie declares his second answer wrong, and Ernie finds out why: all of the foods were made with cookies in them.
(EKA: Folge 2298)
Cartoon Connie the Cow plays a new game with her friends where they are gonna find things that don't belong in the surroundings, for instance a cactus in the river and so on.

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