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Plot Where does snow come from?
Air date December 9, 2007
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold Open Bert arrives just as Ernie is ready to predict that there will be some bad weather in 10 seconds. As Ernie starts the countdown Bert tells him that he could not possible tell how the weather will be in 10 seconds. It turns out that Bert is correct, the bad weather starts 3 seconds early.
Scene Wolle and Pferd admire the snow, and Pferd asks Wolle if he knows where it comes from. Wolle checks in a book and concludes that the snow comes from Frau Holle (Mother Hulda). At first Pferd thinks it makes perfect sense; however, he then starts to doubt whether Frau Holle really has a house on a cloud. Wolle decides that they should test the theory, so Wolle borrows a pillow from Ella. She, however, wonders what it's all about.
Scene Pferd and Wolle climb on top of Samson's cave, as Wolle tells Pferd their plan. Wolle will play Frau Holle and Pferd will play Goldmarie for the test. Wolle then tells Pferd to fluff the pillow. In the meantime Rumpel passes by below them, asking what they're up to. He decides to have a little fun with them, and tells them that they need more than just one pillow, and that he will fetch some more for them.
Scene As Rumpel leaves Ella arrives and after hearing about their plan, she tells them that snow comes from the clouds and that it's frozen water. Also, you can't get snow from fluffing a pillow since pillows contain feathers. Wolle and Pferd agree that it doesn't sound too believable.
Scene Just then, Rumpel arrives with a wheelbarrow full of old pillows and feathers, saying that now there can be snow. Wolle assures Pferd that Ella has just told them that you can't make it snow using pillows. Rumpel then throws up the pillows to Pferd and Wolle and feathers starts to fly around, like snow, and Wolle concludes that it might not be real snow but it sure is fun.
Film Kids are playing in the snow and talking about how they love the snow.
Muppets Today's question on Ernie & Bert Show is "What swims in the water that you can catch with a rod?"

Ernie finds a rod and wants to test what he can catch with it. First he catches a telephone. During his second attempt he catches one of the studio lights, and it falls down on Bert. While Ernie tries a third time, Bert tells him that the correct answer is a fish. However, Ernie disagrees as usual since his experiment brought different results. On his third attempt Ernie catches Rubber Duckie, and since it swims in the water, that would have to be the correct answer.

Film An ice cream stick melts
Muppets Mr. Johnson gets a different waiter for a change, a light blue monster named Piรฑo. Then, Grover comes by, and argues with Piรฑo over which one of them will serve Mr. Johnson.
Film Drawing a Frog
Muppets Wanda's friends beg her to stay in the water, but she'd rather explore land and be "A Fish Out of Water."
(EKA: Folge 2031)
Cartoon Connie the Cow takes a swim with her friends. And they help a fish find it's friends longer down the stream.

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