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Air date December 23, 2007
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold Open Ernie has a bag full of various candies, and asks Bert if he would like one. After Bert says yes, Ernie then asks him what kind and starts to name all the different candies he has in the bag. Bert says that he would like a regular one, to which Ernie replies that he does not have any regular ones, and leaves.
Scene The gang imagines how Nils would have married Annette if they lived in the Middle Ages.
Scene Samson declares that princess Annette and king Wolfried are awaiting a worthy knight to ask for the princess hand. So far, 110 knights have tried out but none have been worthy so far. Pferd introduces knight Nils to the king and the three trials begin.
Scene The first trial is "riding at the ring". However, knight Nils is having difficulties with it, but Pferd manages to do it for him, so he passes the test, mainly because the king wants the princess married.
Scene The second trial is an archery contest. Pferd notices that knight Nils is pointing the bow in the wrong direction, because he only has eyes for the princess, so he moves the target so Nils can hit it and pass the second trial.
Scene The third trial is a test of strength, so knight Nils will have to lift his horse. Nils tries to lift Pferd but ends up on the ground under Pferd. Samson says that he has never seen such a weak knight before, but king Wolfried thinks that the knight's horse is great, so he allows the princess to marry Pferd.
Scene Back on the street, Annette declares her love to her brave knight Nils, despite the fact that he was unable to pass any trials on his own.
Film Some kids are talking about knights and princesses.
Muppets Today's question in the Ernie & Bert Show: What's round, you put it on the head and it cools you in the heat? First Ernie says that it has to be a drum because it's round. The second item Ernie guesses is an umbrella. Then Ernie gets an idea and claims that the item they are looking for is a fan. Bert tells him that he is wrong again; you can't have a fan on the head. Ernie then proceeds to put the fan on Bert's head. While Ernie is recapping why it's the right item, Bert is having difficulties staying in one place as the fan pushes him away.
Muppets Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse figure on making it into town by nightfall until they come across a fence with no edge in sight to go around. Grover tries getting past it in various ways: going under, over and through, but he's not successful. Deciding that they're stuck for the night, Grover starts to break out the marshmallows and asks Fred for his pajamas. But Fred has another idea that Grover hasn't been listening to: they can go through the gate.
Cartoon A dice rolls a sheep
Muppets Herry Monster and Cookie Monster compete in "The Sesame Street Open" where they open various things like books or lunchboxes. Cookie Monster wins and eats his trophy.
Cartoon Connie the Cow helps one of her friends to find his place among the animals.

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