Plot Rumpel dreams of a ghost
Air date January 6, 2008
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold opening Ernie tells Bert theres standing a snake behind him. At first Bert don't believe him, since a snake can't stand because it don't have any legs. Ernie continue to tell Bert about the snake behind him, until Bert turns around and runs scared away and Ernie then offers the snake one of his jelly beans.
SCENE Finchen can't sleep, so he took a walk but interrupts Rumpel's sleep, he then proceeds to tell Finchen about his dream.
SCENE, cont'd He was in his barrel, when Finchen came by singing and a ghost appeared behind him. The ghost is happy that Rumpel are scared, he then procedes to dust off Rumpels barrel and he introduce himself as Lambert and he seeks a new haunting job. He shows them a paper with ads for places that are looking for ghosts and says that no-one was scared of him in the places he have applied so far.

SCENE, cont'd Finchen Tells him that he really don't look that scary in his fancy clothes, but Rumpel thinks he looks really frighting in that outfit. Lambert is happy that he finally found a place were someone is sacred of him so he wants to stay and he starts to clean around Rumpels barrel. Rumpel wants to get rid of Lambert so he wants Finchen to help him turnig Lambert into a different type of ghost. Finchen can see the problem that a sweet ghost might not be the best thing, so he agrees to help Rumpel. Rumpel informs Lambert that they will help him become a realy scaring ghost.

SCENE, cont'd They ask him if he has any chains he can rattle with, he takes out a small string with a ball attached. Rumpel goes down into his barrel and find a better big and rusty chain. Lambert asks them to wait a bit until he has polished the ball and then proceeds to dance with it. Rumpel then asks Lambert to scream and a weak buhu comes out from Lambert. Rumpel and Finchen then starts to sing a song abot how to be a ghost. After the song lambert are no longer wearing the fine clothes, but have gotten a more raggy set of cloths, he tries his new buh on Finchen that gets scared right away. Rumpel holds a trash bin lid up so Lambert can see himself, he gets scared of himself. Finchen tells him he can get whatever ghost job he like now.
SCENE, cont'd Rumpel have finished telling about the dream to Finchen. Finchen thanks Rumpel for a great goodnight story and leaves to go to bed.
Film Some kids makes a outdoor horror Forrest.
Muppets Ernie makes a few animal sounds and wants Bert to guess what sounds he is making. Bert just wants to read his book and keeps guessing correctly by accident. Eventually, Ernie decides to agree to stop playing the game and leaves, but then a lion comes in and roars. Bert isn't paying attention and thinks that Ernie is making the animal sounds even though he promised not to.
(EKA: Folge 2382)
Cartoon A tiger losses it clour in the rain.
Muppets Wolle visit a traveling fun fair and its haunted house attraction.
Muppets A group of Anything Muppets sing a song about fear.
(EKA: Folge 2277)
Cartoon Connie gets a new ferret friend.

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