Plot Blood oranges
Air date January 27, 2008
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Ernie is worried about the wolves. He asks Bert for a handkerchief as he thinks the wolf's howl is because it wants its nose blown.
Scene Finchen and Samson are helping Nils close down the shop for the night. They notice some blood oranges, and wonder why they are called that. Nils explains to them that it's because they are red inside. Finchen notice two small holes in the one Nils is holding, and Samson suggested that a vampire came by and did that. Finchen don't know what a vampire is, so Samson explains to Finchen what a vampire is, Nils interrupts him and says that vampire are not real. Both Samson and finchen are a bit disapointed about this they would really like to meet one, so they imagine what if they would meet one.
Scene Samson and Finchen are standing all alone on the street in the night, and all of a sudden a vampire comes out of Nils shop, and presents himself as Count Rucola, Samson immediately throws a apple at it and hits it on the head. Samson and Finchen wonders if he has come for the blood oranges. As the vampire comes closer, Finchen dose not think it looks that scary.
Scene As he grabs one of the oranges, Samson asks him if want to peel it firts, Count Rucola tells them that he wants it just as it is and then bite it. However it ends up getting stuck in the counts mouth. Samson and Finchen laufgs at the count, before Samson helps the count by yanking the orange out of his mouth. Count Rucola tells them that a vampire do not eat blood oranges they drink it. Then Finchen gets a good idea.

Scene As they go inside the shop, the vampire is halted by some garlics at the door. Finchen begins to make blood orange juice in Nils shop. Samson tells Finchen that vampires really are funny since Count Rucola is afraid of garlic. Samson throws away the garlic so that the count can come in and taste the blood orange juice.
Count Rucola then proceeds to sing a song about vampires.
Scene Finchen concludes that they now know how the two holes in the orange was made. Samson says that it's kinda sad thats theres no vampires, and just as he says that Nils turns his back to them and when he turn around he has gotten fangs and scares them. They then laughs as he takes out the fake teeth.
Film Kids talks about vampires.
Muppets Todays question on the Ernie & Bert Show are "Which of these three balls are the biggest?". Ernie notice that the soccer ball is missing air, so he can't tell which are biggest when that ball are missing air. So Ernie takes out his air pump and starts pumping air into the ball. Bert puts pressure on Ernie to concentrate on the answer instead. Ernie pumps more and more air into the ball, untill it's the biggest of the three balls. Bert tells Ernie that he has pumped to much air in the ball and it explodes.
Muppets Kermit tries to explain light and dark. Grover comes to help, but it's so dark that he crashes into everything.
Cartoon A spider loses its color in the rain.
Muppets The Count reads the story of "The Magnificent 7" who would save a village from becoming lonely. A mediocre 7 and a magnificent 5 show up first, to the behest of the villagers. Next time on The Count's Storybook Theatre: "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
(EKA: Folge 2010)
Cartoon Connie the Cow looks for her spider friend Ziggy.

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