Plot Watching birds
Air date February 24, 2008
Season 35
  • Pferd and Mehmet learn how birds are able to live on the street.
  • Ernie asks Bert if he realizes that their balloons are different. Bert's is small and green and his is big and red. Just as Ernie says the last part he lets go of the balloon by accident. Bert then tells Ernie that he knows what else makes their balloons different: Ernie's flies away and Bert's stays. (EKA: Folge 2342)
  • The question on the Ernie & Bert Show are "What flies, buzzes and can make honey". Ernie's first answer is a paper airplane, since it can fly, Bert tells him that's correct however it can't buzz so it's not the right answer. Ernie pulls out a honey jar to make sure that's what Bert meant, and a bee appears next to Ernie and he goes over to Bert to hand him the jar, he can't think with all that buzzing. As Bert gets the jar he runs away screaming with the bee after him, and as Ernie is about to warn him he suddenly realizes that the answer is a bee.
  • Super Grover decides to teach Elmo how to be a super hero. However, Elmo wears his cape the wrong way, which causes him to trip whenever he wants to fly.

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