Air date May 25, 2008
Season 35
  • Ernie and Bert: Ernie gets ready for bed. He puts a cup of water on the table beside his bed, so he won't need to get out of bed to get a drink of water. He brings an extra blanket in case he gets cold, and puts a fan by the bed in case he gets hot. He also brings a book to bed in case he wants to read, a flashlight so he won't turn the lights on and disturb Bert, and a pencil and pad of paper in case he wants to draw. He also brings Rubber Duckie to bed with him, that in case he wants his Rubber Duckie, he won't have to get out of bed. But then Ernie realizes that he has too many things in his bed to sleep in, so he knocks Bert out of his and takes over his buddy's bed.

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Folge 2431 Folge 2433