Plot The fog
Air date August 10, 2008
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Bert explains to Ernie that he should look both ways while crossing the street. However, as he looks both ways, he doesn't notice the pole he walks into.
(EKA: Folge 2396)
Scene Mehmet and Finchen decides to cancell their plan of playing hide'n'seek due to the fog. Mehmet explains to Finchen what the fog are and how it appears. Finchen don't like the fog and wants it to go away so she can she her leafs. Mehmet gets an idea and leaves.
Scene Another one bumbs into the leafpile, and he asks if he are in Scotland. It turns out to be Nepomuk Nebel and he are the fog that surrounds Sesamstrasse, and he was heading for Scotland, but got lost. Finchen starts to complain about the fog and that you can't play hide'n'seek in to fog since it more or less impossible to see anything. She also think the fog are ugly. Nepomuk objects and starts to sing about the beauties about the fog.
Scene Finchen agrees that fog can be beautiful, and Nepomuk agrees with Finchen that fog makes it hard to see where you are after he once more stumble into the leafpile. Nepomuk tells Finchen he was heading to Scotland to visit his cousin, who are a wonderfull thick fog and shows a picture of his cousin. Finchen touches Nepomuk to comfort him, but quickly pulls back her hand since he are very damp. Nepomuk quickly starts yelling out various names, it turns out that it's hard to keep control over the water drops in the fog. Nepomuk leaves to keep the water drops in line, Finchen are impressed that he knows the water drops by their names.
Scene Mehmet returns and bumps into the leafpile, at first Finchen thinks it's Nepomuk that have returned. She tells Mehmet about Nepomuk and how he are heading to Scotland. Mehmet hands Finchen a flashlight so she can find her leafs in the fog. Finchen are excited, Nepomuk can use the flashlight to find his way to Scotland and walks away leaving Mehmet stumped.
Scene Finchen hands Nepomuk the flashlight so he can find Scotland, he thanks Finchen and leaves. Mehmet arrives just as the fog are dissolving and Finchen tells him how she gave the flashlight to Nepomuk. Mehmet suggest that they start their hide'n'seek now that the fog are going away. Finchen thinks of a better idea and they start to see what animal shapes they can see in the fog.
Film Kids talks about fog.
Muppets Bert doesn't want to play "The Feelings Game" with Ernie. Ernie expresses both sadness and anger in response to Bert, thus making him a participant in the game after all.
Cartoon Drawing a leopard
Muppets The Wörterfee has a problem is are supposed to present the worlds longest word at a conference, but she does not know the worlds longest word. The Wolf suggest a few words but they are not very long, he then promise that he will go and search for the word. He asks his two friends for help, to find a word longer than skateboard, they suggest the word skateboard-wheels and as they continue to talk the word just keeps growing to skateboard-wheel-oil-rag-washing machine-washing powder-can-shelf. Wolf hurries back to say the word to the Wörterfee, however on his way back he forgets the word. Just as the Wörterfee has given up hope for the longest word in the world, Wolfs skateboard wheels makes a noise and she tells him that she thinks she has can of oil on her a skateboard-wheel-oil-rag-washing machine-washing powder-can-shelf. Then she realizes that she just found the word, and she thanks Wolf for bringing it to her.
Muppets Grover works at a department store. Mr. Johnson wants a suit just like the one on the mannequin, but Grover is worried that the mannequin will be embarrassed.
Cartoon Connie the Cow admires the flowers in her grandmothers garden. But during the night it snows and the flowers disappears.

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