Plot Stink machine
Air date August 17, 2008
Season 35
  • Rumpel doesn't smell as awful as he should, so with the help of Pepe, he constructs a machine that will make him smell bad again.
  • The Wolf vom Wörtersee are making spaghetti and tomato sauce, however he do not notice the letter "I" that he by accident places in the sauce. The Wörterfee appears and asks the Wolf if he can help her locate her missing "I", just then Wolf tastes his sauce and by coincidence eats the "I", afterwards he can only say words that contain "I's". They try to scare him and hang him upside down with no effect. They then suggest he eats letter biscuits except the "I", he refuses and return to the lake. Were the Wörterfee realizes that he has eaten the letter, she does some magic and the I leaves Wolf. The Wörterfee then asks him if he has sen a "U", Wolf don't care he is hungry and wants to eat his spaghetti, however the "U" is in his spaghetti.

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Folge 2443 Folge 2448