Plot The Nanny
Air date October 12, 2008
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold opening Bert thinks picking flowers are wonderful, but Ernie says that he likes to pickup letters instead. Bert tells him that you can't do that, Ernie then picks the letter "E".
Scene Moni don't have time to look after Lena, so she has hired the famous nanny Nele Nelenbroich. Moni hands Lena to her, but Lena are not reacting very positive to her. Rumpel overhears it and comes over to find out what's going on. He tells Nele that he is the best Grouch babysitter in the world. Meanwhile Lena throws a plastic bucket at Nele and she starts to speak baby language to Lena, Rumpel asks her what she said and are told that Nele just to Lena not to throw things at adults then Lena throws another sandbox item at Nele. Rumpel tells Nele that he doesn't think Lena understood that.
Scene Rumpel goes over to the sandbox and starts to hammer one of the toys on the side of the sandbox and Lena quickly copies it. Moni returns and tells Rumpel to leave Lena alone and let Nele do her job. Rumpel where sure that he did what Lena wanted him to. After Moni leaves Nele decides that it's time for some music and starts to play the flute. Neither Rumpel or Lena likes the music and when Nele gets a little to close to Lena she pulls of Nele's glasses. Rumpel laughs and hands Lena the flute and she starts to play.
Scene Moni goes out again to see whats going on. Nele tells Moni that Rumpel won't let her do her job propperly. Rumpel tries to defend himself by saying that Lena are playing wonderful Grouch music. Moni tells Lena to stop, so she can concentrate on sorting her photes. Nele finds a rattle that Lena can play with quietly, Rumpel leaves since he has a new idea.
Scene Lena are sitting quitely with the rattle, when Rumpel arrives with a amplifier and plugs it in to the rattle. Just then Moni has completed her sorting and Rumpel turns on the amplifier on the higest setting, it's so high that Moni drops her photos. Moni again goes out to see whats going on. Rumpel tells her that Lena was bored by the rattle and wanted to make some noise with it. Nele then notice the photo that Moni has in her hand and quickly idientify it as wonderful rusty junk, Rumpel also takes a look and gets excited. It turns out that old rusty junk are Nele's hobby. Moni then sugegst that they sort her photos and she will take care of Lena herself, Nele and Rumpel likes that.
Film Lilly talks about her baby brother Edgar.
Muppets Ernie has a plan to help him sleep - counting backwards from 10. Once he finishes his countdown, Bert thinks he's fallen asleep, but Ernie claims it didn't work. He then tries counting backwards from 40.
Film A high speed fire, heats a pot of soup.
(EKA: Folge 2404)
Muppets The Wolf vom Wörtersee can't sleep, so he asks the Wörterfee for advice, she tries with a rime and lullaby but none of it works. The wolf then asks his two friends for advice to fall asleep. They suggest him to count spaghetti and he likes that idea. He goes back to the lake and begins to count, but shortly after the pack are empty. He once again asks the Wörterfee for advice. She suggest him to say the alphabet slowly, but he can't remember it correctly. When the Wörterfee demonstrate it he falls asleep, but now she can't go back to sleep.
Muppets The Count sings "Baby, You Can Count on Me" to Natasha.
Cartoon Connie the cow tries to figure out what types of job the various animals has.

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