Plot Pferd gives thanks
Air date October 19, 2008
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold opening Ernie plans on communicating with the ships in the Hamburg harbor with his trumpet. Bert scoffs, until Ernie blares his trumpet and the ships actually respond with their foghorns.
(EKA: Folge 2378)
Scene Pferd's aunt Ingrid has sent him a delicious carrot and he are trying to think of a way to thank her, he concludes that he might get an idea after he has eaten the carrot. Wolle comes by and Pferd tells him about the problem. Wolle suggest that Pferd sings a little song.
Scene Pferd tries to rap a song, but Wolle don't think a rap song are the right thing to do. He suggest that he should play a instrument. Pferd quickly thinks that playing the drums would be a good idea, however Wolle think a different instrument would be better to use thank aunts, mybe something like a tuba. Pferd thinks it's a great idea and goes to find one.
Scene Pferd attempts to play the tuba but nothing happens. Wolle tells him to blow harder, but still nothing happens. Pferd are sure that the tuba are broken, but Wolle thinks that something are stuck inside it. So Wolle lokks down into it while Pferd attempts to play it and then suddenly sound comes out of it and Wolle are blown away. Wolle conclude that the tuba re not the right instrument. Pferd once again suggest to play the drums and this time Wolle thinks it won't hurt to try it out. But in order to really please Pfed's aunt Wolle will join in on the banjo.
Scene They start to play a song about saying thanks to your relatives with a song. At the end of the song Pferd are playing faster and faster on the drums until they suddenly explode. Pferd thinks that the song are really great, Wolle agrees but the problem are how they should play it again.
Film A boy demonstrates how he plays on a guitar.
Muppets While Bert reads, Ernie begins playing his drums, which makes it hard for him to read. So, Ernie comes up with an idea for them to take turns, however, Bert's turns don't last as long as he hoped.
Muppets The Wolf vom Wörtersee calls on the Wörterfee to tell her that he will be arranging a concert for her. To prepare for the concert he eats some spaghetti, however he ends up having voice problems, so he tries to find out how to solve it with help from some kids. They tell him he got a frog in his throat, so Wolf decides to hold up a glass with flies so that the frog would come up into his mouth to eat the flies, however the flies fly into his mouth. The kids explain that he does not have a real frog in his throat. But it has gotten late, so Wolf hurries back to the Wörterfee. He tells her about his throat problem, after she asked him what could have caused the problem he coughs up some of the spaghetti and was able to sing. However the Wörterfee thinks he sang better with the frog in the throat.
Cartoon A dice rolls a drum.
(First: Folge 2378)
Muppets Elmo is now a part of Oscar's Grouch band as the drummer. His drumming is too quiet for their tastes and they ask him to play loud.
Cartoon Connie the Cow tries to track down where a mysterious sound comes from.

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