Plot Super Samson losses his self-confidence
Air date November 23, 2008
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Samson are watering his flowers when he hears Lena are crying, he quickly declares that it sounds like a job for Super Samson.
Scene Super Samson arrives at the scene, where Nils are trying to get Lena's kite unstuck. Super Samson promise that Lena will shortly get her kite back, and he begins to climb the tree. However suddenly Super Samson stops climbing and he starts to shake. Nils thinks that Super Samson might have lost his self-confidence. Nils explains what self-confidence are, and Super Samson slides down the tree asking how he can get the self-confidence back. Wolle comes by and hearing that Super Samson has lost something he wants back, it's clearly a job for Detective Wolle. After questioning Super Samson detective Wolle decides that the best place to start are Samson's cave. Nils tries to tell Wolle that self-confidence are not a object that you can find, but Wolle don't listen.
Scene Wolle starts the investigation at the cave, however he thinks it's a bit too dark for a sheep to go in. Super Samson says that it's no problem and he goes in there alone, Wolle are impressed by the courage that Super Samson has. Samson returns but he has not found any clues to were his self-confidence might have gone. Wolle think that the next place should be the mountain.
Wolle starts to climb the mountain, but he can't clmib it alone so Super Samson pushes him upwards. At the top Wolle thanks Super Samson for his help, but Wolle can't see Super Samson's self-confidence anywhere, he decisdes that they should look in the forest
Scene In the forest they encounter a spider and it's web, it scares Wolle, but Super Samson just removes the spider and goes through the web, making a way for Wolle. Once again Wolle are impressed by Super Samson's courage, Super Samson are flattered but says that it was no problem and they continue the search.
Next place are Rumpel's barrel, however Wolle don't want to knock on the barrel since Rumpel will just get angry at him. Super Samson then knocks as he are not scared for Rumpel. They stat a discussion with Rumpel and Super Samson are getting the upper hand of the discussion, but still no self-confidence.
Scene Back at the tree, Wolle concludes that Super Samson must have lost his self-confidence when he climbed the tree so it has to be near Lena's kite. Wolle climbs the tree with Samson's help. But the only thing Wolle finds are Lena's kite just then Wolle slips and can just barely hang on. Super Samson hurries up the tree to save Wolle and while Super Samson are in the top of the tree any way he figures he might as well get the kite. Then suddenly realizes that he have climbed the tree and are feeling strong and secure, he concludes that he must have found his self-confidence.
Scene Ernie suddenly says that he can see pink pigeons from the balcony, Bert gets excited but then Ernie says that he just manage to fool him, Bert don't think it's funny and while he talks a kite flies by. Ernie says to Bert that there's a dragon (Drachen means both dragon and kite in German). But Bert don't want to be fooled again, then the kite hits Bert.
Film Helena demonstrase how she climbs a wall
Film A high speed movie that shows how the grass are removed and then replaced on the Hamburger SV Soccer stadium.
(EKA: Folge 2406)
Muppets Ernie & Bert Show: The question is "Which of these three balls are the biggest?". Ernie notice that the soccer ball is missing air, so he can't tell which are biggest when that ball are missing air. So Ernie takes out his air pump and starts pumping air into the ball. Bert puts pressure on Ernie to concentrate on the answer instead. Ernie pumps more and more air into the ball, until it's the biggest of the three balls. Bert tells Ernie that he has pumped to much air in the ball and it explodes.
(First: Folge 2415)
Cartoon What sound does various balls make.
Muppets The Wörterfee does some exercises and she thinks her fitness trainer looks so good with all of his muscles. The Wolf vom Wörtersee wanna train his muscles, but how to do it. He asks his two friends for advise for how to train his muscles, they show him various exercises. After a good exercise he returns to the lake to show off his muscles, but now the Wörterfee have started on Yoga instead. She thinks her Yoga trainer are impressive, after all he can sleep on a bed of nails.
Animation Les devinettes de Reinette: The answer to Reinette's animal riddle are a panda.
Muppets Wolle and Pferd have gone to bed, but Pferd don't go to sleep right away since he have to say goodnight to everyone and everything. At sunset Pferd have just finished saying goodnight, but before he goes to sleep Wolle wakes up and says good morning to Pferd. He starts over by saying good morning to everyone and everything.

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