Plot Scary book
Air date December 7, 2008
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Rumpel is sure it must be his lucky day: Nils, Annette and Lena are not home, so he can use the cellar without being disturbed. Just as he closes the door behind him, a thunderstorm starts.
Scene Rumpel has made himself comfortable in the cellar, so he can read his book, "Der Gruselgrautsch"--a book that only brave Grouches should read. While Rumpel reads his book, Samson goes over to Nils and Annette's to look for some honey for his warm milk.
Scene As Rumpel reads the book aloud, he comes to a part about a door being slammed shout. At the same time, Samson slams the door and shouts upstairs. Rumpel is shocked by the sound. He concludes that he only heard it in his imagination, and continues to read. In the book, the Gruselgrautsch starts to whistle, and then suddenly Rumpel hears someone whistling upstairs. Samson has found the honey and is whistling while warming up the milk and honey.
Scene Rumpel has crawled under a blanket and resumes reading the book, and realizes that the story line is moving down into the basement in the book. Meanwhile, Samson has noticed the open door to the cellar and decides to go down and have a look. Rumpel realizes that everything that has happened in the book also happened around him, and he gets very scared as he thinks that the Gruselgrautsch is coming. He decides to close the door to the cellar, but before he reaches the stairs a shadow emerges from the door.
Scene Samson appears in the doorway and asks Rumpel what he is doing in the cellar. Samson tells Rumpel that he just made some warm milk with honey, and then asks Rumpel if he is hiding in the cellar because he is afraid of the thunder. Rumpel denies being afraid, but then a huge bang sounds and Rumpel jumps up into Samson's arms. Samson tells Rumpel not to be afraid.
Scene Ernie asks Bert why he is wearing a hat. Bert tells him that he is wearing it because it's raining. Ernie then shows what he does when it rains and goes inside and closes the door.
Film Some kids talk about ghosts.
Cartoon A story with only "G" words.
Muppets Die Grosse Sesamstrassen-Musikshow: Samson sings a song about diving underwater.
Film A high-speed film showing demolition of a house.
(EKA: Folge 2398)
Muppets Wolle visits a traveling fun fair and its haunted house attraction.
(First: Folge 2412)
Animation Les devinettes de Reinette: The answer to Reinette's riddle is a giraffe.
Muppetsn Grover works at a bakery. Mr. Johnson gets a slip and is customer 40. Grover tells him to wait until he calls his number, which frustrates Mr. Johnson because there is nobody else in the bakery--except for a Green Anything Muppet woman who has a 39 slip.

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