Air date January 4, 2009 (Repeat of 2407)
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening

Scene Mehmet are looking after the store for Nils, as Samson comes bursting in asking if there is a package for him, however Mehmet can't find it, so Samson leaves but will come back again later.
Outside he meets Finchen and tells him about the package, it contains a gift for him so he is very excited, he decides to go and see if it it have arrived now.
Scene Samson enters the store again and slams the door. He asks if the package as arrived and Mehemt tells him it has not. Samson asks him to look in the fridge, since Nils could have put it there before he left, Mehemt reluctantly looks, but it was not there. As Samson leaves he is very careful not slamming the door.
Outside again he is about to tell Finchen something when he gets a idea, Finchen decide to follow and see what happens.

Scene Samson storms into the store and slams the door into Finchen. Just as Samson is about to tell Mehemet were he think the package is Finchen comes in yelling at Samson for slamming the door in his face and Samson says he is sorry. Samson thinks that maybe Nils have put the package in the cellar before he left, however theres no package there. Mehemet promises to tell Samson when the mailman comes.
Scene Finchen helps Mehmet to clean the store a bit, when Samson enters again. He thinks that maybe the mailman are stuck or his bike are broken, so Mehmet calls the postoffice. Meanwhile Samson decides to help clean up the store, but ends up making more mess. Then the mailman arrives with the package, Samson tells Mehmet and Finchen that it's a honey jar that he has mailed for himself.

Known segments

  • Ernie & Bert Show, the ringing machine. (First: Folge 2411)
  • The investigating reporter Wolle attempts to find out were letters come from.
  • Elmo watches as Grover tries to demonstrate next to with a wily mailbox which keeps moving away from Grover. When they can't catch it, Elmo points out that he and Grover are next to each other.

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