Plot Samson sleepwalks
Air date February 1, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Open Finchen talks about what a great day she has had, where she helped Frau Kowalski bake a cherry cake. Then she hears a snoring sound, which she goes off to investigate.
Scene It turns out that the sound is coming from Samson, who is out taking an evening walk. However, Finchen notices that he is actually sleeping, because Samson failed to notice a tree in his path. She attempts to wake Samson up by yelling, but it has no effect. Frau Kowalski comes out to see what all the noise is about. Finchen tells her that Samson is sleepwalking, and they rush around moving objects on the street so that he doesn't hurt himself. They decide to attempt to wake him.
Scene First Finchen climbs up on Samson's back and holds an alarm clock up to his ear, but it has no effect. Then Frau Kowalski uses a huge cowbell, which also has no effect. Finchen then tries a trumpet, which still has no effect. Finchen then suggests that they throw a glass of cold water in Samson's face. Frau Kowalski hurries in to get the water while Finchen makes sure that Samson does not get hurt. Finchen notice that Samson is walking towards a rake laying on the ground, and yells to Frau Kowalski that she should hurry. She comes out of the house with a bucket of water in such a hurry that she doesn't notice the rake, steps on it and gets splashed with the water.
Scene Samson begins to repeat the words "delicious" and "cherry" as he gets closer to Frau Kowalski's house. Finchen gets an idea: Samson must be dreaming of cherry cakes. She asks Frau Kowalski if she can get the cakes, which at first she denies and thinks it's for Finchen. Finchen then explains the plan to use the pie to lure Samson back into his cave, and Frau Kowalski fetches the pie. Finchen lures Samson to his cave with the cakes. Once there, Samson eats the cakes and goes back to bed. Finchen and Frau Kowalski are so tired that they fall asleep outside of Samson's cave.
Scene The next morning, Samson comes out of his cave feeling very happy after having dreamed about cherry cakes. He notices Finchen and Frau Kowalski sleeping outside the cave, and comes to the conclusion that they should have gone to bed earlier.
Scene Ernie and Bert have been following the events from their balcony. Ernie asks Bert if it's true that you can do weird things in your sleep. Bert tells him that that's right. Ernie asks if it's true that you can't control the things you do while sleepwalking, and Bert says that it's true. Ernie then tells Bert that he ate Bert's chocolate pudding while he was sleepwalking last night.
Film A group of kids are out walking in the night, leaving tracks that other kids have to follow.
Film A high speed film of adults making a bonfire.
Muppets Bert is tired after being out in the fresh air all day. Ernie arrives, but is unsure if Bert is really asleep. Bert is laying down, which he normally does that when he sleeps. His eyes are closed and Ernie can yell without Bert reacting to it. It really does seem like he is sleeping, but to be on the safe side, Ernie pokes Bert; if he was awake, he would have been angry at Ernie for doing that. But there is more; Bert's legs are so relaxed that Ernie can manipulate them with ease. Ernie finally concludes that Bert is sleeping, but just then Bert wakes up. Ernie then proceeds to make sure that Bert really is awake. So Ernie pokes Bert, and he concludes that Bert is awake since he is angry at Ernie. Bert asks why Ernie woke him up. Ernie then says that he has something important to tell Bert: it is ten o'clock and time to go to bed.
This segment is a remake of a Bert and Ernie sketch originally made for the U.S. version's first season.
Cartoon Drawing a horse.
(First: Folge 2402)
Muppets Wolle interviews Jan Hofer, the anchorman on the ARD news. While in the studio during a news broadcast, Wolle presses a red button that causes the lights to go out.
Animation "Guess that animal" clay animation. The animal in question is a turtle.
Muppets Prairie Dawn plays a game in her home with Cookie Monster, where Cookie must locate a cookie without seeing it. Wearing a blindfold, Cookie is able to identify the cookie, a plate, and a telephone by feeling them, smelling them, and eating them.
(EKA: Folge 2456)

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