Plot Rumpel vs. the trashmen
Air date February 8, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Frau Kowalski is carrying various items out of her house and placing them on the street.
Scene Rumpel is very curious to what all those items are doing out on Sesamstrasse. He congratulates Frau Kowalski for having a great looking trash heap. She informs him that she is cleaning out her cellar and the items are those that she want to throw away, and that everyone on the street does it because it's trash day. Rumpel quickly leaves to prepare for collecting all the nice items, before Frau Kowalski had told him that the city trash men are gonna collect it.

Scene The city's trashmen arrives to collect the items, Frau Kowalski is happy to see them, and warns them that her neighbor Rumpel have shown intrest in the junk. She informs them that her garden chair, that is also outside, is not junk. The trashmen start to collect everything except the chair.
When Rumpel returns all the good junk is gone and all thats left is a chair and it's not even broken, he throws in his cart. He asks Frau Kowalski what happened to the junk, she tells him that the city trash men has collected it. Rumpel is unhappy that some strangers are gonna collect all the junk on his street, if someone is gonna collect junk on Sesamstrasse it should be him. After Rumpel leaves to collect the junk before the trash men, Frau Kowalski notice that her chair is missing.
Scene Rumpel tries to persuade the trash men to leave his junk alone, but they insist that he lets them do their job, and a race for the junk on Sesamstrasse begins. Rumpel mange to collect most of the junk, by trapping the trash men. After Rumpel has unloaded most of the junk at his place, and gone out to collect the rest, the trash men arrives and start loading up on it. Rumpel comes back and they are fighting over the trash mens cart. Frau Kowalski arrives and notice her chair among the junk in the cart and as she pulls it out all the junk falls of the cart and is mixed with Rumples stuff. Rumpel is happy now all of the junk is his.
Scene Ernie and Bert have seen it all from their balcony, Ernie says that Rumpel has to be the best expert when it comes to junk and mess. Ernie also says that Bert is the expert for bottle caps, papergirls and keeping things tidy. Bert is flattered by the praise from Ernie, and tries to play it down by saying he is not a expert but he has some knowledge about those things and likes to have his collection sorted. Ernie then says thats good because the paper clip collection and bottle cap collection have been messed up in the bedroom, but that should be easy for a expert like Bert to sort them out.
Film A girl is cleaning out her room of old toys and takes it to a flea market.
Film A high speed film of preparation for the opening of a vegetables market.
Muppets In the park, Ernie wonders if his banana can make friends with Bert's orange. Bert thinks fruits can't make friends, but Ernie tries to convince Bert that the difference between the two doesn't matter.
(EKA: Folge 2322)
Cartoon A dice rolls a bike
Muppets Wolle visist a wholesale market, were he wants to find out what a wholesale market is.
Animation Guess that animal clay animation, the animal in question is a Chimpanzee.
Muppets Hoots the Owl and Cookie Monster sing "A Cookie is a Sometime Food".
(EKA: Folge 2411)

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