Plot The ladybug
Air date March 1, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Mehmet and Finchen are watching a ladybug and they count her spots. Finchen asks Mehmet why a ladybug has spots, Mehmet don't know but he will go and look it up in a book. Just then it starts to rain and Finchen takes cover under her umbrella.
Scene It has stopped raining and Finchen goes to look for the ladybug. She finds her at Samson's cave. The ladybug introduce herself as Marini, Finchen notice that her spots are gone and Marini starts to panic how are she gonna win the ladybug beauty pageant. Finchen decides to help her new friend.
Scene Over at Mehmet's workshop Finchen finds some round metal discs, but they are way to heavy. In Nils and Annette's kitchen they find some plates but Marini don't think that it's a good idea to use them either. Outside Finchen finds a frisbee, but Marini don't like that.
Scene Back at the leafpile Finchen tries to paint seven new black spots on Marini. Afterwards Marini asks if the spots are water proof. Finchen fetches some water to test it out, and discovers that the spots are not water proof.
Scene Mehmet comes back and Marini quickly hides. Mehmet tells Finchen that the number of spots decides what sub spices the ladybug belongs to. Finchen then tells Mehmet that their ladybug now has zero spots, Mehmet tells her that ladybugs don't lose their spots. Finchen notice that Mehmet has gotten some spots in his face, Mehmet takes a closer look and concludes that it's his freckles that have become visible due to warmth of the sun and he goes to put some creame on.
Scene Finchen gets an idea and she quickly calls Marini over. She tells Marini that maybe the spots will come back if shae lays in the sun just like Mehmets freckles. Marini gives it a try and after a while her spots have returned and Marini hurries of to the beauty pageant. Mehmet returns with his book and tells Finchen that he has just discovered that ladybugs can lose their spots. Finchen then quickly tells him about Marini and how she lost her spots and got them back.
Scene Ernie asks Bert whats the difference on Bert and a ladybug. On a ladybug you can count the spots and you can count the stripes on Bert's sweater. Bert realizes that Ernie are right and that it's the same with Ernie and they begin to count each others stripes.
Film Kids talks about ladybugs.
Cartoon A ladybug loses her color in the rain.
Muppets Die Grosse Sesamstrassen-Musikshow: Finchen rocks in the forest.
Cartoon A butterfly uses it's wings as a crash cymbal.
Muppets Reporter Wolle visits the set of the German mystery series 4 gegen Z were he talks with Fiona Coors about acting.
(EKA: Folge 2401)
Animation Les devinettes de Reinette: the answer to Reinette's animal riddle are a deer.
Muppets Count von Count sings "Counting for Fun" to Natasha.

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