Plot Annette's white shirt
Air date March 22, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Annette is hanging clothes up to dry when a ball hits her in the back. It turns out to be Pferd and Wolle, who are playing ball. Annette tells them to be careful so they don't ruin the clothes that she has just washed. They continue to play but the ball hits the white shirt and leaves dirt on it.
Scene Pferd and Wolle are worried about what to do next. Wolle comes up with an idea: he will try to brush the spot off the shirt. Pferd thinks it's a great idea becuase then the shirt will be clean and Annette won't even notice it. However, it does not work and now there's grass on the back of it. Wolle quickly says that they should attempt to wash it.
Scene They go into Annette's house to find a sink they can wash it in. However, the sink is full of dirty dishes, but Pferd just throws the shirt into it before Wolle can stop him. So now there's ketchup on it as well. Pferd thinks the shirt looks quite delicious. Wolle gets a new idea and goes to the washing machine.
Scene Wolle throws the shirt into the washing machine, Pferd fills it with a whole box of detergent, and they start the machine. Just then, Annette returns home, and if she sees them with the washing machine she would know they did something wrong, so in an attempt to distract her they turn on the radio and dance. However, due to too much detergent, the machine is bubbling over with soapy water. They tell Annette that they got dirty while playing soccer so they wanted to wash themselves. She then notices that her shirt is no longer drying outside. She leaves to go outside to look for the shirt.
Scene Wolle dives into the machine to get the shirt. It does look clean, but it's wet and Annette can't see it like that. Pferd suggest that they dry it by blowing on it, but Wolle thinks that would take too long. They throw it into the dryer instead. Annette returns and she still hasn't found her shirt. She starts to think that the two of them haven't been completely honest with her. Pferd tells her that the shirt is in the dryer, but she pushes them aside and quickly notices that the dryer is too hot. They tell her everything that happened. Wolle proudly tells her that everything is all right now. Annette gets the shirt out of the dryer and tells them that it shrunk.
Scene Ernie tells Bert that the shrinking thing also happened to him this morning after he did the laundry. Bert tries to guess which of Ernie's clothes it happpened to. But it turns out to be Bert's pajamas.
Film Kids talk about doing laundry.
Cartoon A cartoon about the sounds a vacuum cleaner, a broom and a rake make when you use them.

Muppets Die Grosse Sesamstrassen-Musikshow presents Lena and the singing chickens with a song about animals on a farm. Bert stands in for the animals, since Ernie told him they could not make it.
Cartoon Drawing a pig.
(EKA: Folge 2407)
Muppets Reporter Wolle visits a farm, in order to figure out what a farmer does.
Animation "Guess that animal" clay animation. The animal in question is a sheep.
Muppets The Count von Count sings a song about counting animal sounds on a farm.

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