Plot The Fantastic Three
Air date April 12, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Samson are doing some weight lifting with a heavy bolder, while he explains the viewer that if they need help then Super Samson can provide that help. Then he falls down.
Scene Pferd and Wolle comes by and are impressed with how strong Super Samson are. Wolle thinks it could be fun to be a super hero, Pferd agrees and they ask Super Samson for advice. Super Samson agrees to help them, after all there's no one to rescue at the moment.
Scene The first thing a super hero must have are the right costume, and super Samson just happens to have a few spare suits. The next thing they need are a name, Pferd thinks the name "Phantom Pferd" sounds good, and Wolle likes the name "Wonder Wolle". However they end up using the names Samson suggests "Super Pferd" and "Super Wolle". Samson tells them that they could call themselves for "The Fantastic Three" and they go off to find someone to rescue.

Scene The encounter a blue spider in it's web. They are convinced that the spider are helpless stuck in the web and that it would like to get some help to get down, so Super Samson tear down the web to free the poor spider.

They then notice a man who appeares to be stuck under a car, Super Pferd rescues the man, who turns out to be Mehmet, and Super Samson pulls him to safety away from the car.
But instead of being grateful to be rescued the spider and Mehmet seems angry. It turns out the spider had used two days to spin it's web, and they ruined it in two seconds. Mehmet was changing the oil on the car and now theres oil all over the place. Mehmet and the spider demands that they clean up. (YouTube)

Scene They start by cleaning up the oil, and Wolle concludes that it's not at all fun to be a super hero. While they are repairing the spiderweb, Pferd suggest that they play hide'n'seek instead and Samson thinks that's a good idea, since it's good practice for a super hero, Wolle starts to count while Pferd and Super Samson goes to hide.
Scene Bert comes screaming out to Ernie claiming that theres a big bear in his wardrobe. Ernie explains that it's just Super Samson that are playing hide'n'seek and have asked if he could hide in the apartment. Bert then decides to go to bed, after he leaves, Ernie asks the viewer if they can guess were Super Pferd are hiding. And a scream comes from the apartment, as Ernie tells the viewer that Super Pferd hides in Bert's bed.
Film Kids talks about heroes.
Cartoon A story with only "R" words.
Muppets Ernie wants to demonstrate loud and quite. Ernie starts out yelling. Bert then says something quietly. However Ernie are having trouble hearing what he says and asks him a few times to repeat it. Bert ends up yelling "This is quiet", were Ernie tells him that was not quiet when he yells.
(EKA: Folge 2401)
Film Colored ice cubes melt.
Muppets Reporter Wolle goes to Winterberg, where he is supposed to talk with someone named Bob and that he has a kind of track, bob's track. However bob seems to be quite elusive, he has three dobbelgangers and when Wolle attempt to confront them, they jump in a car without wheels trying to get away, Wolle decides to follow in his car. When he finally confronts them he discovers that none of them are called Bob, but that Bob are short for bobsled.

Guess that animal clay animation, the animal in question is a snail.

Muppets The Count reads the story of "Countilocks and the Twenty Rabbits" starring himself as Countilocks. Countilocks walks through the forest with the intention of counting her friends, the Three Bears. When she discovers that they've moved to Florida, she counts the tree's new residents.

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