Plot Aunt Miranda from America
Air date April 26, 2009
Season 36

Picture Segment Description
Cold Open Pferd can smell something delicious. It turns out that Wolle has baked a carrot cake. Pferd tries to see if he can have a piece, but Wolle says no because the cake is for his aunt Miranda from America, who will arrive later today.
Intro Pferd tries to get a small taste of the cake, but Wolle is not that easy to convince. The phone rings and Pferd answers it for Wolle; it turns out to be Aunt Miranda. She missed her flight and won't arrive until tomorrow. Pferd suggests that they eat the cake now. However, Wolle decides to put it in the refrigerator for tomorrow. After he leaves, Pferd gets an idea. What if it turned out that Aunt Miranda came today anyway?

Scene Wolle returns and notices that Pferd is gone. He then hears a voice that introduces itself as Aunt Miranda. She tells him she could use some carrot cake. Wolle wonders why she knew he had baked a carrot cake, but he goes off after it anyway. While Wolle is away Pferd tells the viewer about his clever plan to get some of the carrot cake.
Wolle returns but tells Miranda that they should look at old photos first. Wolle stops and thinks for a moment since his aunt says something he finds very familiar: "Can't we just taste one little piece". Miranda quickly looks through the photo album. However Wolle says that they can't eat the cake now, because his good friend Pferd was also supposed to have some of the cake, he goes off looking for Pferd.
Scene After Wolle leaves, Pferd decides to attempt to play both roles. He makes a quick costume change just before Wolle returns. However they still can't have any cake since Aunt Miranda is now missing. This continues a few times with Pferd making very quick changes, and each time he forgets something about his costume. Due to this Wolle starts to realize what's going on, and attempts to get Pferd to confess with no luck.
Scene They end up fighting over the cake. Pferd admits the deception, and says he only did it beacuse he was so hungry and that he is sorry about it. Wolle admits that Pferd made a good aunt, and decides that he could just bake another carrot cake for her tomorrow so they share the cake.
Scene Bert wonders why Ernie is wearing a raincoat since the sun is shining. Ernie tells him that it's necessary to protect yourself in such good weather and then Bert gets hit by bird poop.
Film Kids talk about dressing up.
Muppets The question on the Ernie & Bert Show is "What has feathers and can fly?"
Ernie first replies it is a pillow since it has feathers. His second answer is an Indian, but Bert tells him even though Indians have feathers on their head they can't fly. Ernie disagrees with him, so he hands Bert his Indian headdress and two sets of balloons which eventually lift Bert off his feet.
(First: Folge 2406)
Film A high speed film of a circus being setup.
(EKA: Folge 2392)
Muppets Reporter Wolle visits a circus.
Animation Guess that animal clay animation, the animal in question is an ostrich.
Muppets Telly and Elmo sing "Baby Say It Loud."

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