Air date May 3, 2009 (Repeat of episode 2350)
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Ernie asks Bert what he is thinking about. Bert tells him that he does not think about any thing particular. Ernie think that is funny, Bert asks him why. Ernie replies that he was thinking the same thing.
Scene Rumpel are making sure that all his stuff are good and dirty. He hears a noise over from the store, it turns out that Nils are vacuuming the store. Rumpel asks Nils to stop making that horrible noise, so he can concentrate on making his thinks dirty. Nils tells him that he has to vacum so he can keep the store clean. Rumpel are in shock, why do such a cruel thing. Nils promises Rumpel to clean with a little less noise, but unfortunely for Rumpel the vacuum cleaner cant be silenced and Nils closes the door on Rumpel.
Scene Back in his barrel Rumpel continue were he left off. He gets interrupted by Reiner Sauberhasi who concludes that Rumpel could use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dirt around and in his barrel. He starts to tell Rumpel why he should get the Saugi2000. However no matter what argument Reiner uses Rumpel denies that he have any use for the Saugi2000.
Scene Since he could not make a sale to Rumpel, Reiner continues over to Nils at the store. Reainer gives the same sales speech to Nils as he did to Rumpel. Nils points out that he already have a vacuum cleaner. Reiner tells Nils that it's a old and noisy vacuum cleaner, Nils says that he dose not have any interest in a new one. But as he is about to continue his old vacuum cleaner brakes down, it have reversed so now instead of cleaning up the filth it makes the store filthy. Reiner quickly repeats his offer for the Saugi2000.

Scene Reiner gives Nils a demonstration of the Saugi2000. Nils seems very impressed with how effective the vacuum cleaner is, and wants to buy it. Reiner asks Nils if he mind if he took the old vacuum cleaner with him, Nils don't mind.
Reiner takes the vacuum cleaner over to Rumpel who quickly tells Reiner that he dose not want a vacuum cleaner. Reiner tells Rumpel that this is a special vacuum cleaner, as it does not get rid of the dirt but makes it. Rumpel are very impressed and he wants it.
Film Two kids give their dog a bath.
Film A high speed film of a dog that gets it fur cut.
(EKA: Folge 2459)
Muppets The question on the Ernie & Bert Show are "What makes noise and cleans?".
Ernie's first answer is a radio, however Bert tells him that a radio can't clean. Ernie then comes up with the solution, he finds a vacuum cleaner and starts using it on Bert.
(First: Folge 2416)
Cartoon A hippo plays on a drum.
(EKA: Folge 2459)
Muppets Wolf vom Wörtersee calls the Wörterfee, so she can see the mess around the lake. Unfortunly she has lost her wand so she can't magically get rid of all the garbage, she wants Wolf to do something about it so that the lake area can be cleaned. Wolf tells her that he can use magic to clean it up, she don't believe he will be able to do it so she goes to find her wand. As wolf is trying to find a spell in his book that will work, he discovers a black wand on the ground. Two kids comes by just as he finds a spell, that he tries to cast. He is surprised that it actually worked, the Wörterfee are impressed at first, then she notice that he is holding her wand. He gives her the wand and goes to his shed to take a nap, all this magic makes you tired. It turns out that his shed are full of garbage.
(EKA: Folge 2450)
Animation Guess that animal clay animation, the animal in question is a Squirrel.
Muppets Grover works at a department store. Mr. Johnson wants a suit just like the one on the mannequin, but Grover is worried that the mannequin will be embarrassed.
(EKA: Folge 2443)

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