Plot A visit from the famous singer, Gundel Gackerburg
Air date June 7, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Open Wolle has won the first prize in a competition -- a meeting with the new superstar, Gundel Gackerburg. Wolle has never heard Gundel sing, but he's very excited. Pferd asks Wolle if he wants to play hide'n'seek, but Wolle doesn't have time -- he needs to prepare to meet Gundel! Pferd decides that he needs to do something about this, so he and Wolle can play hide'n'seek.
Scene Wolle is busy decorating the barn with pictures of Gundel Gackerburg, a chicken wearing glasses and a purple wig. Pferd tries to trick Wolle into playing with him by putting on a purple wig and making clucking noises. He presents himself as Gundel Gackerburg, and asks if Wolle wants to play hide'n'seek. Wolle immediately recognizes Pferd, and tells him that just wearing a purple wig doesn't make him Gundel Gackerburg. She has a certain style about her that Pferd could never copy. Pferd gets a new idea.
Scene Pferd returns wearing false eyelashes, a blue feather boa and glasses, and asks again if Wolle wants to play hide'n'seek. Wolle once again tries to explain that Gundel Gackerburg is special. It's not just how she looks, it's also the way she moves. Wolle shows Pferd a magazine cover with Glundel Gackerburg. Pferd isn't very impressed with it, and decides to play hide'n'seek alone.
Scene Pferd goes over to Nils' store and tries to hide from himself. Gundel Gackerburg arrives, looking for Wolle. Pferd decides to help.
Scene Wolle can't wait to meet Gundel; he's even put on a shirt and a cap with her picture. He hopes that she'll sing to him; she must have the sweetest voice ever. Pferd leads Gundel over to Wolle, who's starstruck at the sight of her. Wolle gives her a kiss on the cheek, and asks her to sing to her biggest fan. Gundel agrees to sing a little song for Wolle. As she starts to sing, Pferd and Wolle discover that she can't hit a single note. Pferd even tries to cover his ears with his hooves. She expects applause when she's finished, and Pferd and Wolle starts to laugh. Wolle decides that he's not a fan of Gundel's anymore, and he'd rather play hide'n'seek with his best friend Pferd.
Scene Bert can't believe his ears; Gundel Gackerburg is the worst singer he's ever heard. Ernie tells Bert that he's heard worse. Bert wants to know who could be worse than Gundel. Ernie replies that he is when he sings in the bath.
Film Kids talk about being famous.
Cartoon (EKA: Folge 2453)
Muppets Bert presents Pferd in "Die Grosse Sesamstrassen-Musikshow", where he will sing a song about dancing. During the song, Bert has to stand in for a swan, while Pferd cross dresses.
Film A high-speed film about a stage being setup for a concert.
Muppets Reporter Wolle visits a recording studio, to find out how a record is made. He talks with the producer, Mousse T.
Muppets Ernie, Bert, Prairie Dawn and Grover play "Ernie Says."
Muppets The Count von Count sings "Lambaba."

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