Plot The ice monster
Air date July 19, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Pferd are ordering a ice cream from Luigi der Eis Wolf, since the best thing he knows on a hot day are a big ice cream.
Scene Pferd are so proud of his huge ice cream, that he wants to show it to Wolle before he eats it. Luigi tries to tell Pferd that he should eat it before it melts, but he dose not hear that, as he leaves to look for Wolle. Pferd can't find Wolle at the barn, Pferd decides to hide the ice behind his back, that way it's gonna be a bigger surprise for Wolle. As Pferd goes looking for his friend, the ice cream leaves a trail of melted ice behind him.
Scene Pferd thinks he has searched everywhere for Wolle, he even climbed a tree. Just then he runs into Wolle. Pferd tells Wolle about a wonderful thing he has made and proudly shows him the huge ice cream, that are now melted and only the cone are left. Pferd can't understand were his huge ice cream has gone, Wolle declares that it's have to be a case for detective Wolle. He quickly find a clue to what happened to the missing ice cream, theres a trail of a ice like substance. Detective Wolle concludes there can only be one answer, the ice cream have been stolen by a slimy ice monster. They decide to follow the trail to track the monster down.
Scene The trail leads up a tree, Wolle concludes that the monster are hiding up there and he climb the tree. However Wolle discovers that the monster are not in the tree top, he notice that the trail continues down on the other side. He climbs down, and tells Pferd that the monster most have spotted them and climbed down in the other side to avoid them, and they start following the trail again.
Scene Through his magnifying glass Wolle discovers the green ice monster. He confronts the monster and demands that he return the ice he stole from his friend. Pferd tells Wolle that it's not a ice monster, its Luigi the ice cream wolf. Luigi then explains to them that Pferd's ice cream has melted due to the heat. Wolle realizes that the trail the followed was the missing ice cream, he then declares the case solved.
Scene Bert are looking forward to Ernie coming back with a icecream for him. Ernie returns with two ice cream cones, lemon for himself and strawberry for Bert. But Bert's cone are empty, Ernie tells Bert that Luigi was all out of strawberry.
Film A kid makes his own ice at his friends icebar.
Film Searching the world for a animal. Kids from around the world gives a demonstration of the sound it makes, before the animal in question are revealed, this time it was a rooster.
(First: Folge 2484)
Muppets Ernie has just enjoyed a nice strawberry ice cream, when Bert arrives telling Ernie that he are looking forward to eating the two strawberry ice creams he has ordered. Ernie tries to deny that he ate the ice cream. Ernie tells Bert that a green wolf came by and ate the ice, placed the napkin and the spoon in Ernie's hand, but Bert don't believe that story.Bert leaves and Ernie says that of course his story are not true, wolfs don't eat strawberry ice cream and don't use napkins and spoons. Then a green wolf arrives and dose exactly what Ernie just told Bert. After the wolf leaves Bert returns and Ernie tells him the story again. Bert tells Ernie that he could might as well confess, his story is as likely to have happened as a chicken with a red apron would come and tell them that they have to wash the glasses them selfs. Then a chicken with a red apron arrives to tell them that they should wash their glasses them self.
This is a re-make of classic Ernie and Bert sketch
Cartoon (EKA: Folge 2419)
Muppet Wolle are sorry to interrupt Sesamstrasse but they have to bring a special report, Pferd are on live from coldest place in the world that have just been discovered. However Pferd are so cold that the can't speak.
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Bert and Ernie find themselves in Antarctica befriended by a bossy penguin who enlists Bert to be Daddy Penguin. As Bert leans, keeping an egg safe and warm is easier than it sounds, especially when you're surrounded by snowy hills and ice!
Muppets Fico and his band sings El Baile del Penguino
(EKA: Folge 2017)

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