Plot Mehmet has lost his cellphone
Air date August 2, 2009


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Mehmet are looking around the barn for his cell phone, he is expecting a important call from his sister.
Scene Wolle declares that it's a typical case for detective Wolle. Pferd are revealed that detective Wolle are gonna be on the case, because then he can eat in peace. Detective Wolle pulls out his new bag with modern technology that no detective should be without. Wolle thinks the best thing to use on this case would be the three part magnifying glass. After Mehmet and Wolle leaves Pferd hears something that reminds him about a telephone, then he resumes eating his carrots.
Scene Detective Wolle has discovered footprints in front of Mehmet's house. There seems to be two set of foot prints, therefore there must be two cellphone thieves. Mehmet shows Wolle that his foot fits the one set of foot prints, Wolle are impressed Mehmet uses the same shoe as one of the thrives. Mehmet informs Wolle that it's there own foot prints. Wolle decides that one of his other devices might be better for this case.
Scene Wolle picks up a metal detector, that will surly find Mehmet's cellphone and they start to search in the forest. The metal detector picks up a signal, Wolle discovers that it comes from Mehmets pockets. Mehmet shows Wolle his keys, Wolle decides that he would need the last of his new equipment. Meanwhile back in the barn Pferd notice a cell phone laying in the hay. Wolle and Mehmet returns and Mehmet are getting worried that he will miss his sisters call, Pferd asks them if they haven't found the telephone yet. But Wolle are hopeful that his last piece of equipment will work, it's a listening device. Wolle quickly pickup a signal.
Scene After Wolle and Mehemt leaves the cellphone in the hay rings again. Pferd decides to answer it, it turns out to be Mehmet's sister, Pferd tells her that he is not there right now he are looking for his telephone, but that he could take a message. Meanwhile Wolle follows the signal past Samson's cave to the barn. Mehmet asks Pferd were he got the cell phone from, Pferd then realizes that it' Mehmets cell phone he is holding. He tells Mehmet that his sister just called, Pferd gives him her message taht turns out to be a recipe. Mehemet then invites Wolle and Pferd to join him for dinner.
Scene Bert has lost his cellphone and asks Ernie if he knows were it is, Ernie says that he does know were it is. Bert are happy to hear that and asks were it is. Ernie replies that Bert already said were it was, it's lost.
Film Kids are talking about detectives.<br(First: Folge 2383)
Film Searching the world for a animal. Kids from around the world gives a demonstration of the sound it makes, before the animal in question are revealed, this time it was a frog.
(First: Folge 2485)
Muppets Ernie puts all his toys away and shows Bert how he remembers where Rubber Duckie is: he's under all his toys!
(EKA: Folge 2331)
Film High speed film of a graffiti being painted. Featuring Cookie Monster and Ernie. (EKA: Folge 2450)
Muppets Big Bird gives Grover 30 seconds to find the Letter A. Grover has a hard time, especially with the "big pink thing-a-ma-jig" in the way.
Animation In a parody of Sherlock Holmes, with Ernie as Holmes, and Bert as Watson, they solve the mystery of Lady Lulu's missing duckling, Lily. The trail leads them to discover that maybe Lily wasn't what Lulu thought she was after all.
Muppets Miss Marble helps the Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe to find her missing shoe/home.
(EKA: Folge 2404)

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