Plot Magnet carrots
Air date August 24, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Nils are organizing his notes, so he can remember what to do during the day. He hangs the notes up with magnets that looks like carrots on a white metal board. He explains to the viewer how the magnets work. He notice a note that says 12:00 repairing the bike with Mehmet, he looks at the watch and concludes that it's soon.
Scene Mehmet arrives to help repair Nils bicycle, Mehmet are impressed with how Nils have organized his notes. After they leave Pferd arrives in the shop looking for Nils, he notice quite a few delicious looking carrots on a white board, he decides to taste one of them. Pferd think that it was not the best carrot he ever tasted, but it was good enough and that Nils properly would not mind him tasting a few more, and he clears the board. He then notice more of those carrots laying on the counter, and he eats those as well. After wards a spoon gets attracted to Pferd, due to the magnets, Pferd does feel something hits him, but don't know what it was. As he leaves the store to look for Nils elsewhere, Mehmet's oil can gets attached to him as well and he leaves a trail of oil after him.
Scene Over at the house Mehemt asks Nils for the oil can for the bicycle chain. They notice that they must have forgotten that in the shop, and they go back to get it.
Meanwhile Pferd have gone into Nils' house looking for him, and he are starting to feel a bit strange, it's like he are getting heavier and heavier. He have still not noticed that his back are covered with all kinds of metal objects.
Back at the shop, Nils and Mehmets can't find the oil can and all of Nils' carrots magnets are gone. Mehmet notice a trail of oil that they decide to follow.
Scene A Wrench gets attached to Pferd's nose, he tries to shake it off with no luck, he notice all of the objects on his back and then he goes closer to Nils' bicycle and he gets attached to that as well. Nils and Mehmet arrives and separate Pferd from the bike. They tell him that he looks like a trash heap, Pferd says that he dose not know whats going on and starts to think that he might be cursed. Nils asks him if he by any chance have eaten some carrots from the shops. Pferd starts to object, but then admits it. Nils tells Pferd that those were not real carrots, but magnets. Pferd do not know what magnets are, so Mehmet tells him about magnets, and Pferd are revealed to learn that he are not cursed. As Nils and Mehmet starts to wonder how they can get the magnets out of Pferd, he farts and leaves a few horse droppings that contains the carrots magnets.
Scene Bert are about to eat a carrot, when Ernie yanks it out of his hand and starts to examine it and then eats the carrot. Ernie tells Bert that it was good carrot and that it did not contain any magnets.
Film Kids talks about magnets.
Film Searching the world for a animal. Kids from around the world gives a demonstration of the sound it makes, before the animal in question are revealed, this time it was a rooster.
(First: Folge 2484)
Muppets The question is "it's round, you put it on the head and it cools you in the heat"

First Ernie says that it has to be a drum because it's round. The second item Ernie think it is a umbrella. Then Ernie gets a idea and claims that the item they are looking for is a fan. Bert tells him that he is wrong again, you cant have a fan on the head, Ernie the proceeds by putting the fan on Bert's head. While Ernie are recapping why it's the right item, Bert are having difficulties staying in one place as the fan pushes him away.
(First: Folge 2410)

Film A high speed film of a construction crane being assembled.
Muppets Dressed in a labcoat, Cookie Monster asks the important question: Do cookies taste good? He finds out by planning, as his assistant, a Bill Nye-esque Anything Muppet, presents him with the cookies. He further tries out his idea by eating each cookie, and telling the viewer his results.
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Bert and Ernie are being given a tour of the land of the Cliptecs by their guide, Lorenzo Llama. The Cliptecs are a tribe of people who love paperclips. Bert has brought with him a magnet to attract paperclips, and the Cliptecs think he has special powers. They instantly declare him King. But their time is short, and Ernie wants to hear the Squeaking Duckies of Quacku Picchu, so Bert must give up his throne.
Muppets Grover attempts to demonstrate "Away From," but every time he tries to distance himself from a lamp post, the lamp post moves closer.
(EKA: Folge 2361)

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