Plot Samson's sneeze
Air date September 20, 2009
Season 37


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Samson thinks it's someones birthday, since theres pretty flowers on the table. Ella tells him that she are gonna paint them, Samson likes that idea and wants to help, Ella goes to fetch a paint brush for Samson. While Ella is away Samson smells the flowers, however they make him sneeze the pedals off.
Scene Samson tries to put the pedals back on, but with no luck. Rumpel comes by and Samson tells him what happened. Rumpel gets excited, this might just be the right thing to test his new invention, a new super glue. They hurry over to Rumpel's corner.
Scene Rumpel starts to put some of the Grouch superglue in a tube, so they can plaster the pedals back on. Samson starts to worry when Rumpel says "lets see if this work", Rumpel ensures Samson that of course it will work. After Samson have put some glue on one of the pedals the tube are stuck to his hand. Rumpel are excited, the glue seems to work just fine and helps Samson by pulling the tube out of his hand, but now the tube are glued to his hand, they get it off just as Ella arrives with a paint brush for Samson. She asks what they are doing and Samson quickly cover the pedals with his body and says that they are just finishing something she can go ahead and paint and he will get there shortly. After Ella leaves Samson and Rumpel discovers the pedals are gone. After wondering about it a bit Rumpel notice that the pedals are stuck on Samson's fur. Rumpel stars to rip them of Samson's fur.
Scene Then Rumpel gets an idea, he finds them some special gloves, so that the glue won't stick to their hands. They start to glue the pedals on, but they are having problems getting the pedals on right.
Scene Meanwhile Ella has noticed that her flowers are missing and goes over and asks Samson if he knows what happened to the flowers. Samson quickly says that Rumpel has them, just then Rumpel comes out of his hiding with the flowers, Rumpel tries to claim that they are special Grouch flowers, but Ella wants to know what happened to her flowers. Samson confesses, Ella says that it do not matter the flowers looks quite funny. Rumpel hands her the flowers and then Ella's hands are glued to the flowers, she asks what's going on and Rumpel proudly tells her about his super Grouch glue.

the pedals on right.

Scene Ernie tells Bert that he does not want to work, instead he wants to enjoy the sunshine and maybe paint a little. Bert tells him he can do that, he can paint as much as he wants and hands him a paint brush. Bert then tells Ernie that he can paint the balcony.
Film Kids talks about who you can repair various things.
Film A high-speed film about hot air balloons
Muppets Bert thinks it's hot and wants something to drink, to cool him off a little. Ernie just happens to have a glass of apple juice next to him, but apple juice are not good enough for his best friend.But before Bert gets a chance to tell Ernie that all he wanted was some apple juice, Ernie has mixed him a that among other things contain lemon ice cream and chocolate. After Ernie has mixed the drink, he hands it to Bert, who starts to scream at Ernie that he does not want it, Ernie then takes the drink and says then you won't mind I drink it.
Film Searching the world for a animal. Kids from around the world gives a demonstration of the sound it makes, before the animal in question are revealed, this time it was a pig.
(First: Folge 2483)
Muppets The superhero Asking Elmo, helps Grover to figure out why his dog, who are tied to a tree, don't come when Grover tells it to.
(EKA: Folge 2430)
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Ernie and Bert are cavemen. Since they have no grocery stores or restaurants, they must find food on their own. Ernie finds a giant egg in a nest and he and Bert take it back to their cave. When Bert starts to cook it, it hatches and a baby dinosaur emerges, calling the attention of the Mama Dinosaur. After getting chased, they see how sad the mother is without her baby, so they give him back and are rewarded with bananas to eat.
Muppets Oscar the Grouch narrates (and stars in) Grouch Moments in History, a re-enactment of his Grouch ancestors making loud noise and saying "SCRAM!" for the first time.

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